Ridiculous lies

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Endless calamity for Arabs


Every single thing, whether it’s a simple household object, a bus trip to the shopping center, or an ideology, is made up of different details. We can describe or comment on something, without expressing a single falsehood or inaccuracy, and yet – if we omit a single vital detail – we can convey a totally false, misleading message or impression. When intentionally done, it is called lying through omission.

Here is an example describing suicide bombers often repeated by Arab spokespeople and reporters: “These young people are sacrificing their lives so that they can regain their people’s freedom and their land.” And it’s probably true as far as it reflects the attitude of these people. Most of them are probably blowing themselves up because they honestly believe that they are furthering the cause of freedom and independent statehood for their people. The trouble is that they base their beliefs on what they have been taught in their schools and mosques and through their newspapers, radio and television.

Some of the basic truths that they are taught – and which are corroborated by every honest history book and newspaper – are that the Arabs of Judea and Samaria do not have their own independent state because it was conquered by the Israelis. Many of the people living in these areas are refugees, because of the 1948 and 1967 wars. Israel continues to maintain a strong military presence in these areas, imposing curfews and humiliating roadblocks and throwing thousands of people into jail. All these claims are true. Absolutely true!

But they are only a small part of the whole picture. Any impartial history book or newspaper archive will point out many salient facts that could offer the Arabs a more comprehensive picture of the situation. Indeed, they would discover that the facts tendentiously kept from their notice for over sixty years, have lead to a devastating misconception regarding Jews and Israel, and that has actually been the main cause of the hardship, misery and lack of national independence for Arabs living in Cis-Jordan.

What the Arab media, schools and mosques have studiously omitted in their comments about Israel is that they were offered their own independent state not just once, but three times in recent history: in 1948, 1967 and in 2000, only to have lost their opportunities, either through rejection or usurpation by other Arabs. They could have had their State of Palestine in 1948, when the United Nations voted to partition the country. They wanted it all and went to war against the Jewish State, together with the other Arab countries, with the express purpose of destroying Israel. Immediately following that war, it was the Kingdom of Jordan that annexed the land that should have been Arab Palestine.

Again, in 1967, the Arabs missed an opportunity for independence in Arab Palestine, when the Israeli government offered to return most of the lands they had conquered in a war of defence. And in the year 2000, the Arabs rejected Prime Minister Ehud Barak’s proposals that most of the lands captured by Israel in 1967 (including parts of Israel that were to be exchanged for strategic areas and Jewish urban areas of the West Bank) would fall under complete Arab sovereignty and independence. The Arab reaction to this offer was war.

Had more of these facts been included in Arab history lessons, it is probable that most of the suicide bombing attacks would never have taken place. (An additional contribution to the suicidal readiness is the dubious promise of paradise, tantalizingly enhanced by the delights of 72 virgins – in all likelihood yet another gross falsehood promoted by religious Moslem leaders and swallowed in all sincerity by naive young people.)


The whole of the Middle East conflict could have been avoided, or at least resolved generations ago, if the Arabs had adopted a similar respect for the whole truth as the Jews. I would imagine that few societies are taught only the truth. In every culture (and certainly in most religions) there are many notions and legends that are doubtful or at least questionable. This is also so among the Jews of Israel. However, there is a tendency among most Israelis to question ideas, proposals and even ancient beliefs. The extent of Jewish eagerness to probe, frequently plunges Israel into a bitter internal debate on subjects such as the necessity of the 1982 war in Lebanon, or the possibility of avoiding the 1973 war, as well as Israel’s settlements and its right to pre-empt terrorist actions in Judea and Samaria.

In Arab society, however, there is a great dissemination of half-truths, as well as lies (as there is in Israel) but also an even greater clamping down on the many truths in the Israeli-Arab conflict. If the Arabs could have been allowed to hear all the relevant facts in their confrontation with Israel, it is possible that the level of hate would have been far lower, and peace – either full or grudgingly – would have made the whole of the Middle East a nicer, more prosperous and safer region.

Until falsehood through commission and omission ends there will never be peace with the Arab world. For this to happen – for a greater abrogation of falsehood among the Arabs – every person who hopes for peace in the Middle East – whether living in Israel, the Arab countries or elsewhere – must raise his or her voice and demand that the truth become the guiding light – not mindless cliche, wishful thinking, outright lie or half-truth.

No one who is not absolutely sure about something would ever strap a bomb onto his waist and blow up himself and dozens of men, women, children and babies.

It is time that Arabs start asking questions like: Why is it that with so much oil wealth, so many Arabs live in miserable poverty? Have we been told everything about our conflict with the Zionists? Can the Jews really be so evil? Why did Israel return Sinai to Egypt if they really want to take away Arab lands? What has really happened here in the past? Were we really told the truth about how all the wars against Israel resulted?

These are some of the questions that should nag in the heart of every Arab. Only when these and many other questions are answered honestly and fully by Arab leaders, clerics, teachers and their media can there be any point in Israel discussing peace with anyone.

For more read: www.israelandtruth.org

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