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Many people think it is Israel’s



Ralph Dobrin is the author of “How to Avoid Armageddon”
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“Occupation” is a swear word for many people – especially Israel’s “occupation” of land it conquered during the 1967 war when Egypt, Syria and Jordan massed their armies on the borders with Israel with one clearly declared purpose – to obliterate the Jewish state. Actually it was a Pan-Arab endeavor because forces from other Arab countries, including Iraq, sent large contingents to join in what was to be a slaughter. For the Arabs this was to be a sequel to their 1948 attempt. 

The keyword nowadays to peace and prevention of further war – bandied about by everyone, is the establishment of an independent Palestinian state in Judea, Samaria and Gaza – areas conquered by Israel in 1967 (together with Syria’s previously held Golan Heights).

What few people care to remember, however, is that at that time, Palestinian independence was absolutely of no consequence to any one of the Arab participants. Judea and Samaria, which should have become independent Palestine in 1948 (together with an independent Israel), had been annexed by Jordan. Few people, including the Arabs living in the annexed areas, talked about Palestinian independence.

It only became a central issue when Israel controlled these areas while staving off national extinction. There is no other incidence in history, whereby a state repulsing an invasion, is expected to return lands from where that invasion was launched. (The lands in question had been used previously in the 1948 Arab quest to destroy Israel.)

From a position of facing extinction Israel achieved an incredible victory that any other nation would have been proud of. (Few nations throughout history faced such a diabolical threat to their existence as Israel did on June 5th.)

In immediate aftermath of the war in Israel there was a feeling of immense relief, followed by euphoria in the air. Not only had the people survived what many predicted would be genocide (coming a mere two decades after the Nazi-inflicted genocide on the Jews of Europe), but suddenly Israel found itself in possession of lands that had once been its main centers – Judea and Samaria.

Immediately after the war, Israel’s leaders talked about returning some of the conquered lands as part of a peace deal. But the Arab response was an immediate, resounding rejection. The shooting resumed almost immediately on all fronts. Meanwhile most of the international community strongly condemned Israel for its “aggression,” and demanded that Israel return all the lands to the hapless Arabs.

Morality and common decency were not primary considerations in any of the self-righteous expressions of condemnation. Arab oil, the Arab boycott and Cold-War schemings between the Western World and those under the Soviet influence, were the motives behind Israel’s isolation in its quest to survive against Arab rage. Soon, even the intellectuals of the world saw Israel as an object of opprobrium. If anyone should know how to analyze any situation surely one would expect the intellectuals of the world to show the way. But the academic tenure of many intellectuals was dependent on discreetly stipended Arab petro-dollars. Also high-brow sentiments to any national assertiveness, even in self-defence, ignored the perils that Israel had faced – once those perils had been thwarted on the battlefield. The intellectuals and the media created a stance that would later be known as “politically-correct,” and which could also be defined as “a rigid opposition to any assertiveness against any supposedly disadvantaged party” – never mind how disagreeable or threatening the disadvantaged party happened to be.

Eventually universities in Britain and America joined and even spear-headed the condemnation against Israel. Then, even in Israel many people began to feel that their country was morally wrong to hold onto the areas it had conquered (even though the war had been defensive), and that furthermore, it should not use force to thwart further attacks on its citizens.

In Israel many people began to say that the source of most of the country’s domestic problems was the victory in 1967. It seems ironic that so many people have turned that glorious national achievement into a moment of shame, especially when it enabled Israel to survive as a nation.

It’s also sad that people emphasize Israel’s “culpability” without fully registering that it is precisely the Arabs’ refusal to acknowledge their genocidal intentions since even before Jewish statehood, and which have never abated. Amazingly many of these people never expect the Arabs to curb their murderous elements.

I am not saying that there are things that everything that Israel does it morally right. Many of Israel’s measures might seem unfair or unduly severe. Roadblocks, body searches at airports and house demolitions undoubtedly cause a lot of inconvenience and suffering to many innocent people. But surely in a permanent terror campaign against a nation it should be entitled to do whatever is necessary to prevent harm to its citizens. If ten thousand people are held up for half an hour at a roadblock in order to prevent a single suicide bomber from slipping through, surely the blame should be directed against those initiating the bombings and not the intended victim.

 In the big picture the Arabs have brought their misfortune and suffering upon themselves with their generations-long quest to harm Jews and destroy Israel. There is a laughably easy answer to what the Arabs have to do to in order to stop the road blocks, body searches and demolitions, and in fact to gain independence in Judea and Samaria. (They have independence in Gaza and it’s not a pretty picture – probably an indication of what would be in the rest of the areas of the Palestinian Authority should they be granted full sovereignty there as well.)

All they have to do is stop teaching their children and their people to hate, and to stop shooting. Yes, simply stop shooting and sending suicide bombers into Israeli towns and villages, and making ever-more preparations for war against Israel. (This blog was written in January 2008.)

To illustrate this point, as soon as Egypt signed a peace treaty with Israel, albeit taking on a blatantly unfriendly tone, Sinai was fully returned to Egypt (even though it was from these areas that terrible attacks and invasions had been launched against Israel time and again). Even parts of the Golan Heights have been returned to Syria, in the hope that this would lead to a peace agreement with the Assad regime. 

In the year 2006 Israel also evacuated Gaza – not just the army but over 20 villages that had already been there for two generations. The response was an immediate daily rocket barrage on Israel’s town’s and villages that have nothing to do with Arab territory.  

There is a clear message in these barrages: No matter what Israel does there will be Arabs who will pursue its civilians with the intent to kill. Only when Israel ceases to exist will these attacks against Jews cease. So what is Israel to do? To keep retreating just to appease these thugs and fanatics and the nations of the world who are more concerned with a steady flow of oil than the fate of an ancient nation? Or to stand firm and retaliate, just like any normal sovereign state would be expected to do in similar circumstances? This has been the main political polemic on Israel’s daily agenda since 1967.

Ralph Dobrin is the author of “How to Avoid Armageddon”

To order the book click:  type: how to avoid Armageddon

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