The consequences of a weakened Israel

February 3, 2008 at 9:07 am 2 comments

The consequences of a weakened Israel

A return to the Dark Ages

By Ralph Dobrin

Author of the book “How to avoid Armageddon”

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The above cartoon from the “A-sharek” newspaper gives one a good idea of Arab sentiments  

FEW conflicts have been as misunderstood as the Israel-Arab conflict. A little over six million Jews in Israel face the wrath of hundreds of millions of Arabs and non-Arab Muslims all over the world, who are politically and economically supported by a huge array of states and international organizations, not directly connected to the conflict.  Logically, this enormous disparity should generate a lot of sympathy and international support for Israel, which since its establishment as a state has not enjoyed a single day free from threats of obliteration. But this is not so. More resolutions of condemnation have been made in the United Nations and in its numerous agencies against Israel than against all the other countries of the world put together. No other country in the world has been so widely boycotted commercially and academically, or pilloried in the international media as harshly as Israel. 

Judging by all this condemnation, one can easily imagine that Israel is a gigantic, truly evil entity, that came into being through the theft of another nation’s land, resulting in the expulsion of millions of refugees, while wantonly starving remaining innocent populations and bombing helpless, peace-loving women and children.

 Yet the reality couldn’t be more different. Israel’s establishment as a state in 1948 was brought about by a United Nations vote to partition Palestine into two independent states – yet another state for the Arabs and the remaining area for the Jews. Actually Palestine had already been truncated in 1922 by 77% to create the Kingdom of Jordan. The remaining eighth of the original Palestine that the Jews were allocated was to be composed of three separate slivers of land smaller than many nature reserves in other parts of the world. This arrangement should have heralded a new era of peaceful co-existence but the Arabs weren’t willing to accept any Jewish self-rule on any part of the land despite a 3500-year connection. The Arabs promptly went to war, promising massacre and extermination.

 But there was no massacre. There were refugees – over a million and a half of them. Between 560,000 to 800,000 local Arabs – fearing that the Jews would do to them what they intended to do to the Jews – fled to neighboring Arab countries (where most have been purposefully kept in a miserable refugee status till the present day), and 900,000 Jewish refugess who fled Arab countries because their lives were in mortal danger, most of whom were summarily absorbed into the fledgling State of Israel. Since that war in 1948 there have been two more Pan-Arab invasions on Israel and numerous military campaigns and terrorist attacks. Each time Israeli repulsed the invaders, occupying the land from which these invasions had taken place. Each time Israel has been vigorously called upon by the international community to return these areas to the aggressor nations – even though never in history has any territory been returned to a neigboring state that retreated as a result of war started by it – let alone a war of extermination. Yet, on at least five occasions Israel has returned lands, only to be subsequently attacked from these same areas.

 The generations-old Israel-Arab conflict is a story of Arab leaders who keep up an ongoing campaign of threats, falsehood and hatred against one of the tiniest independent states in the world that has repeatedly called for peace. It is also a miserable record of cowardice and expedient cynicism of leaders of democracies who generally accede with the continuous, multi-pronged Arab quest to eradicate a people that is 1/50th their size in population and 1/500th their size in land mass. International acquiescence with the Arab position together with knee-jerk opprobrium of Israel every time it tries to defend itself against military attacks, encourages the Arabs to continue the campaign to emasculate and destroy Israel. Oil, religion and corruption are factors that determine the stand of each of the parties in the line-up against Israel. Israel has very few backers. Gratifyingly, the USA is one of them, but it has never allowed Israel to win a decisive victory in any of the many wars and it’s support is conditional to State Department and Presidential whims of the moment. Furthermore, USA support for Israel is balanced by enormous military deals with Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia that make Israel’s ability to defend itself in any future Pan-Arab onslaught extremely precarious.  

Peace treaties have been signed with Egypt and Jordan. But very few Israeli Jews dare visit Cairo or Amman, due to continuous, ugly, false media reporting, books and movies, depicting Israel and the Jews as totally despicable and deserving annihilation. (With the regime change in Egypt the peace treaty is more fragile than ever before.) While nowadays, most Arab leaders refrain from their once clearly expressed goal to obliterate Israel – couching these intentions in diplomatic euphemism – there are still many who make their intentions absolutely clear. Furthermore, the Arab quest is now spearheaded by a powerful non-Arab Muslim state, Iran, which is poised to acquire nuclear weapons. 

People in democracies as well as many Arabs themselves are becoming aware that an apocalyptical stand-off has begun to brew between Radical Islam and the rest of humanity. At this point in history Radical Islam is gaining strength all over the world, while the ability of the democracies and other less radical Muslim populations to resist, seems to be diminishing in every way.

Israel is embroiled in a desperate struggle for its very existence. It is a central focus of Radical Islamic wrath and needs the understanding and support of freedlom-loving peoples everywhere. Yet, in the midst of all the diplomatic double-speak on the Israel-Arab conflict and disingenuously selective media-reporting which fails to adequately relate to Arab culpability for their own plight, many people in democracies, representing personal freedom, think that Israel is actually the cause of Radical Islam and therefore deserves no support whatsoever. They couldn’t be more wrong. Indeed, a weakened or destroyed Israel could possibly mean the end of their own personal freedom. 

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2 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Lulu Maude  |  February 28, 2009 at 12:55 pm

    Eurocentric entities have a long history of carving up other countries to suit themselves.

    Unfortunately, this pattern is a key part of the creation of Israel.

    Add to that the “God gave this land to me” mentality, and you have unending trouble.

  • 2. truthandsurvival  |  March 1, 2009 at 12:41 pm

    Ralph Dobrin responds: Not just Eurocentric entities have a long history of carving up other countries to suit themselves. The history of all parts of Asia is an long series of carvings and recarvings of countries. Probably the same goes for other parts of the world. Anyway, I’m not quite sure that Israel fits the description of Eurocentric entity because the Jews have always had a presence in the Land of Israel for about 3000 years.
    Regarding the pattern that you mention, Israel was re-created because, just about everywhere they lived, whether in Christendom or Araby, they were treated like pariahs. As for the supposed “God gave this land to me” mentality, most of the Jews who live in Israel are totally secular. In any case one of the reasons for the ongoing Muslim rejection of Israel’s right to exist stems from its own viewpoint of God.
    And that is the core reason for all that unending trouble. Read the Koran or the official website of Hamas or Hizbollah (It’s accessible in English.) R.D.


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