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How can Israel survive?



By Ralph Dobrin 

Author of “How to Avoid Armageddon”
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Israel is one of the smaller nations in the world. Israel’s six million Jews are about 2% of the Arab populations of the world, a large part of which yearns for Israel’s demise. Israel has never had a single day free from the threat of war. Make no mistake the Arab world has one of the most formidable military line-ups in the world. Apart from superpower USA, or Russia, China, Britain and France, few nations would be able to stand against the military might of countries such as Egypt and pre-2001 Iraq, or a combination of the lesser powerful Arab nations. Gratifyingly Egypt has a peace treaty with Israel. It’s not a friendly peace and a change in regime could catapult Egypt into the forefront of Israel’s immediate threats, which includes non-Arab, Islamic Iran. The same applies to the Kingdom of Jordan which has a peace treaty with Israel.

At the moment those directly militarily active against Israel are the terror groups, Hizbollah and Hamas, which while lacking air power, constitute fierce, fearless warriors with a dedication and a willingness to die for their cause seldom paralleled in the history of warfare. They are supported financially and in training and weapons by Iran and Syria. Also every day they become more adept in battle. Till recently they constituted a tactical threat. Now they are emerging as a strategic threat. Intelligence agencies claim that there is cooperation between them and El Khaida.

Compounding the desperate situation in which Israel finds herself, is the attitude of the international community, which is involved in the Israel-Arab conflict diplomatically and commercially through United Nations decisions and boycotts of Israel’s exports and even academics. Furthermore, Israel’s actions are severely limited through pressure by the USA, which readily indicates withdrawal of her support if Israel strays from what she perceives is in the USA interest. Therefore Israel is unable to adequately unleash her deterrent force against the constant attacks on her territory and people. Israel is often pushed into making agreements that lead to her becoming weakened even further in every way.


This overall situation is the backdrop to the question: how can Israel survive? The stakes here are not just territory or the adjustment of borders. It is not Palestinian statehood, as everyone assumes. Palestine independence was there to be had in 1948. But the Arabs chose war with the intention of obliterating Israel. They failed and tried again in 1967. Through diplomatic channels Israel tried to start a dialogue that should have led to a solution for Palestine (read Judea and Samaria). In 1993 the Oslo Accords should have led to the creation of independence for Palestine. Negotiations despite the daily suicide bombings led to a stage where Israel was offering the Arabs of the region 97% of Judea and Samaria. Again they opted for war. Their intention is the same as it has always been – the total disappearance of Israel as a political and ethnic entity. Yet Israel is pressured to continue the negotiations, even while a powerful terrorist organization Hamas rules over the whole of the Gaza Strip and prepares to take over the Judea and Samaria.

How then, can Israel survive? Many people suggest that  Israel should annex Judea and Samaria, thus creating permanent borders along the Jordan River. If Israel were a state with at least double its present Jewish population that might be viable answer. But with its present limited population, it is only a matter of time before such a development would lead to an Arab majority which, in the most favorable circumstances, would lead to Arab control of the Israeli government which might lead to social and economic discrimination of the Jewish population. It might become yet another Islamic state with all the disadvantages for dhimmi status for non-Muslims. But such a bloodless scenario is probably wishful thinking. With their long record of  slaughter of each other over minor differences, if they ever got the upper hand over the Jews, even politically, it would undoubtedly mean genocide.

Another option that has been suggested is population transfer, which has been done dozens of times during the twentieth century. Millions of people have been moved in Europe and Asia. The Muslim-Hindu divide in British-ruled India exploded into widespread, bloody fighting between neighbors and neighborhoods. The solution was the creation of Pakistan and Bangladesh, which, while not leading to mutual friendship like the USA and Canada or Sweden and Norway, has at least enabled India to co-exist with its Muslim neighbors in a spirit of wary alertness, disturbed by occasional border outbreaks and acts of terror. The alternative would probably have been endless massacres of each other. After the Second World War, millions of ethnic Germans were moved out of Cechoslovakia and Poland to new homes in Germany. Their children were hardly aware of their parents previous domicile. But population transfer of Arabs in Judea and Samaria would have no chance of being accepted by the international community, let alone Arab and non-Arab Muslims all over the region. Such a move would probably spark a pan-Arab war with Israel and include massive contingents from other powerful Muslim countries.


The creation of an independent state called Palestine in Judea and Samaria is the solution that is sought by most of the international community as well as the present Israel government. About half of the Israeli public supports this development on condition that the future Palestine state is sincere about peace with Israel. This is far from being evident at the moment. Even after Israel totally evacuated the Gaza Strip (making Gaza in effect an independent political entity), Israels towns and villages that are miles from the border are bombarded daily with barrages of mortar and rocket fire – even more than before Israel’s withdrawal. What is the reason for these attacks? The answer: total rejection of Israel’s existence … anywhere in the region!!!

For sixty years since its inception as an independent state, Israel has found itself under siege. The years ahead are clearly going to be fraught with even more dreadful challenges as radical Islam spreads and the introduction of ever more destructive weaponry, and Iran’s emergence as a nuclear power, already making almost daily threats against Israel’s very existence. How will Israel survive? Can six million Jews stand firm against such a monstrous line-up of a billion people? And make no mistake – Israel will probably also have to face nuclear Iran alone. Israel, condemned by the enlightened peoples of the world for defending herself, will probably be the one to save enlightenment by herself. And she’ll be condemned yet again.

Meanwhile, for many people in Israel the future seems impossibly grim and they prefer not to even think about the future, or they simply move to another country. Others take encouragement from biblical prophesy and invoke the God of Israel. Conversely the Arabs intone passages from the Koran and call out that Allah is Great.Meanwhile, from a pragmatic point of view the odds seem clearly in the Arabs’ favor, as has invariably been the case – ever since Israel became an independent state in 1948. At that time the Arabs lost a chance to create a state called Palestine because they tried to obliterate the half of Palestine that became Israel, and they haven’t stopped blaming Israel for their blunder. (The Arab Palestine would have become yet another Arab state among the other 22 existing Arab states!) A large part of the Arab world still hasn’t given up dream of obliterating the Jewish state. But tiny Israel persists in existing, despite all its many serious internal problems, not the least of which is decent leadership.

More than ever before Israel needs wise, honest leadership – which is far from the case. The people in Israel need to believe in their ability to continue overcoming all the immense challenges and threats. Israel must develop a society that is hard-working, honest, willing to give of itself for the common good and the benefit of the country and be physically sturdy as well. It needs to address everyday issues such as growing its own food, which is far from the case today. It needs to ensure it has enough water for all its needs, provide work for every Israeli of working age. It needs to maintain good relationships with the international community, especially with the other Muslim countries and indeed any Arab states willing to conduct dialogue.

Israel needs to hope for the day when, in spite of the present almost illogical, wanton, implacable hatred by a large part of humanity, peace will come – either as a result of yet another wholescale conflagration in the region, ending as in previous wars with Israel’s victory, or preferably through the gradual ascendancy of pragmatic tolerance and acceptance of non-Muslim, peace-seeking Israel from all the surrounding peoples. At the moment, the former seems to be far more likely.

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  • 1. Yehudit Shahar  |  February 25, 2008 at 10:50 pm

    Unfortunately, your ideas seem to reflect the situation as it is today. It is not very encouraging nro is there any idea or suggestion as to how we, as a people and a country can survive, surrounded as we are by haters around the world. Our immediate neighbors are only the proverbial tip of the iceberg. Hatred of Jews/Israel is widespread sometimes in the guise of moves to improve the lot of the poor Palestinians who are under the yoke of the Zionists. Please, a word of positive and optimistic thinking so that I can sleep better at night. I myself cannot come up with such words.

  • 2. Edoardo Recanati  |  February 26, 2008 at 3:10 pm

    Most, if not all, the cause of the situation is due to the lack of faith of the Jews and the demential expectation that it is possible to pacify the devil with concessions. We should stand on our feet and show the world that we don’t expect anything from them.



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