How to deal with Israel bashers

February 29, 2008 at 2:38 pm 6 comments

Bash away at their



This heart-wrenching picture of Arab wretchedness appears on a Jewish blogger’s site, which always pins all the blame on Israel and never mentions the Arab violence that leads to their own adversity.


Author of “How to Avoid Armageddon”

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I receive regular e-mail newsletters and blogs from people in Israel and abroad – whose aims are to see Israel acquiesce to all Arab demands for Palestinian independence that would include a return to indefensible borders and the return of the Arab refugees to their former places of residence – ideas that would probably spell a quick demise of the Jewish state, not to mention the slaughter of its citizens. As a rule I try to acknowledge every communication.

Israel’s struggle to survive in the midst of implacable rejection, bolstered by limitless sources of funding and heated by religious precepts, is waged on a number of fronts. Apart from the military struggles and campaigns, there is an ongoing quest to weaken Israel economically, politically as well as crush its morale. What feeds all these fronts are opinions, attitudes and beliefs, usually based on half-truths, crass fabrication and popular myths.

A paraphrased example of the popular myth taught to young Arabs: “The Jews stole our Land. Kill Jews and you’ll go to heaven as a martyr and be rewarded with a blissful existence for eternity.” These are compelling words to a person fed on hatred towards the Jews, whose soldiers frequently patrol through his town or village, and whose life lacks the prosperity and glamor of his counterparts in other countries.


Many people concerned about Israel’s survival, send regular letters to the media; many despatch e-mails and blogs to others on their lists – mainly folks with similar sentiments, many of whom are also writing the same kind of articles. Indeed, I myself have a useful list of marvelous people with whom I engage in this literary swapping. I often get useful ideas from these communications. 

But we should also be directing our words at Israel’s adversaries and their sympathizers – Arabs working to weaken or destroy Israel, and all the other sundry bashers of Israel – Christians, Muslims and even Jews. Some are bona fide humanists concerned about the wretched plight of the Palestinians (which because of the one-sided images they see on their TV screens, they believe is the direct result of what they perceive as Israel’s brutal expansionism), as well as dyed-in-wool anti-Semites.

I have found that the bashers most receptive to my communications are those whose motive is based mainly on a concern for their fellow human-beings and whose sentiments are not strongly anti-Jewish. I tell them that I can feel from their words that they want to be honest in their writing, seeking the truth and that I do appreciate their concern for their fellow human beings. But then I mention that not all their assertions are absolutely true. I point out a few generally-held misconceptions, not accusing or scolding. Just in the interests of providing a clear and honest picture.

A method that I use with all bashers – sincere humanists, rabid anti-Semites as well as Arab correspondents is to point out that in any situation — and especially in the Israel-Arab conflict there are lots of little pictures (like the road blocks or attacks by Israeli soldiers on Arabs who happen to be firing rockets at Jewish towns and villages), and that all these little pictures are all part of the big picture – which is the ongoing Arab quest to obliterate a tiny country with fellow human beings.

But I don’t spend much time or effort on the “little pictures” because they tend to divert my thrust from the main issue and invariably lead to a dead end.

A major point that is seldom mentioned is that the conflict has its roots in the Arab refusal to recognize that the Jews have any right to sovereignty in any part of the Middle East, no matter how small, and despite their almost four millennia connection with the Land. I also mention that all the wars were quite unnecessary. The Jews didn’t threaten the lives of Arabs by their presence. On the contrary, they helped bring prosperity to a wretched region. All the Arab invasions on Israel were misconceived, grossly unfair and based on lies.

I mention that Palestine at the start of the British Mandate actually embraced quite a large territory, and that 77% had been summarily lopped off to form an Arab state called Jordan. Half of what remained was to be divided into yet another Arab state next to a few slivers of land that was to constitute the Jewish state and that even to this the Arabs refused and launched a war of annihilation, a mere three years after the end of the Holocaust.

I add that the continuation of their quest to harm and destroy Israel only means more misery for the Arabs, because like any other nation under attack, the Israelis have to defend themselves. I also point out a few startling figures, such as the six million Jews of Israel being outnumbered by 250 million Arabs and the land mass of the Arab states which is 500 times larger than Israel, and which in fact constitutes the second largest national land mass in the world – larger than Canada or the USA.

Invariably the response to these lines is something like: “Oh, I didn’t realize that. I must think about it.” And then they will grasp at something like the wall Israel built to keep out assassins or the bombing of some people who had been shooting at Jews. My response is usually as brief as possible, focussing on the fact that whatever harm is done to the Arabs was a reaction to their aggression. Had there been no attacks on Israel there could have been an independent Arab Palestine and no need for any refugees, roadblocks, walls or dead Arabs.


To the Jewish bashers of Israel who might be feeling shame at what they perceive as shocking aggression by Israel, we explain that their sources of information are slanted and selective. We should show them examples of slant and distortion, and in polite, friendly tones, suggest that “we’re actually on the same side.” There are many wonderful sources that we can refer them to. Internet linkage is almost instant. At the end of this article I have included a few of my favorite links.

The anti-Semites can be approached in the same manner. We should appeal to the sense of honor of these people and their interest in getting to hear the facts, even if we reckon that they have little sense of honor nor are they really interested in hearing anything that might put Israel in a good light or make the Arabs appear to be responsible in any way for the ongoing conflict.

I am not suggesting being false to our convictions or hypocritical towards our adversaries. I will never use words like “fond,” “friend,” and certainly never “love,” when addressing these people. We should be mindful of the fact that our aim is to modify extreme attitudes towards us, or even change them. Change won’t come immediately, but modification might come after a short exchange of letters, blogs and articles with them.

Our messages should be reaching the Arabs, too, and in a similar tone. Ultimately we are all on the same side and that is on the side of survival – of the human species. We should point out that if the conflict continues there is a chance that in less than a generation we will blow ourselves to smithereens and end life on this planet.

Arabs invariably don’t answer, especially if the correspondent is an Israeli. But I write to them as well. For most religious Muslims Israel’s existence is a cardinal wrong which must be eradicated as soon as possible. Others regard the situation as something that has to be suffered only temporarily. For the moment they resign themselves to Israel’s presence – like their resignation to Spain’s existence as a former Muslim entity.

I usually don’t use many adjectives. I avoid preaching; I don’t call anyone a liar, fool or scoundrel. My tone, I hope, is sincere, and intends to nudge them out of their mindset so that they can eventually understand that the reality of the situation is not as they had believed. I then suggest that they visit our website which deals with integrity and peace in the Middle East

I don’t know how many bashers – Jewish, non-Jewish anti-semitic or Arab – I have influenced. I do know of a few specific cases who had previously been passionately against anything that Israel was doing to defend itself, and who as a result of an exchange of e-mails, began to have a better understanding of the reality and thus adopted a measured stand. One eloquent anti-Semite was so impressed with my mailing to him that he sent out my response to hundreds of people on his mailing list!

I reckon that I have managed to put a germ of an idea in the minds of some of the bashers and haters about the wrongness of a huge part of humanity hell-bent on destroying a tiny, ancient nation, very eager to live in peace, and the wrongness of supporting that diabolical quest. With more people doing the same thing, we can make a difference.

Tiny Israel can never prevail against the titanic Arab nation, especially when it is hamstrung in its military responses by the strictures of a hypocritical world. For two generations the war against Israel has been waged in national economies, the media as well as the battlefield. Religion is a factor on both sides, which makes the issues even more emotional and pragmatically unreasonable.

But it will eventually be won in the minds of humanity. So, all who recognize the issues and who are engaged in writing, should try to address the misinformed, the bashers and of course the Arabs – moderate, militant and rabid. Clearly the war is not just between Israel and the Arabs (including Iran), it is becoming global. The more people who are told about the falsehoods, the fewer lives will ultimately be lost to the madness.

There are many sources of excellent, reliably accurate material. Here are a few links:

To order “How to avoid Armageddon” click: type: how to avoid Armageddon


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TO HELP ISRAEL SURVIVE Mein Kampf as a source of information

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  • 1. truthandsurvival  |  March 16, 2008 at 9:44 am

    You write as though you are an honorable man concerned about the truth and fairness for all, but you are really a very accomplished propagandist, adept at twisting words, and are therefore very dangerous. You, sir, are indeed on the side of darkness, as is all your wretched tribe. Rather than being “a light unto the nations, as the Bible says,” you are a dark, poisonous stench.

    James Schultz, Reading, England

    • 2. truthandsurvival  |  June 25, 2012 at 6:39 am

      To James Schultz, judging by your surname you could have Teutonic forefathers. Your domicile indicates British. Two nations with wonderful achievements in every human endeavor. Also two nations whose past iniquities have been so indescribably collosal, that make any criticism of any other nation smack of gross hypocrisy. Your language indicates that you are a classic Judeophobe or heaven forefend, your name might suggest that you harbbor Jewish roots.
      To Toby Esterhase, I stand corrected. Thank you.

  • 3. klara  |  March 23, 2008 at 6:24 am

    Dear Rafi,

    How do you respond to someone like James Schultz? how very frightening to know there are many out there like him. Our wretched tribe??? Is it the Holocaust all over again, coming in deceptively? My parents told me so many times how they were such loyal Hungarians, they couldn’t imagine the Hungarians betraying them – and yet…

  • 4. Y. Horovitz  |  March 24, 2008 at 9:49 am

    Thank you

    Your website can be used by the foreign Ministry, Ministry of Tourism, government offices etc. all [heavily funded by poor israeli taxpayers, but are employing wrong people, with a poor English.

    Why arn’t accomplished writers like Rafi Dobrin and his likes employed by the government?!

    No vitamin P. !

  • 6. Toby Esterhase  |  July 11, 2008 at 11:26 am

    Hilary Rose isn’t Jewish. Steven is.


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