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 Some facts on ethnic cleansing


Excerpts from his book “How to avoid Armageddon”

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A term frequently used nowadays in connection with Israel’s handling of its conflict with the Arabs is “ethnic cleansing,” a term that wasn’t used until the latter part of the last blood-drenched century which witnessed such cleansing through wholesale banishment or genocide of hundreds of millions of people in Europe, Asia and Africa. Nowadays this euphemism is cynically used when referring to Israel’s actions in the 1947-49 War and its subsequent actions against Arab aggression.

But as mentioned earlier, judging by Arab declarations and actions from the nineteen twenties, to the present day, in fact ethnic cleansing of the Jews in their ancestral homeland is precisely what they have always aimed at.

The term ethnic cleansing is not necessarily the same as genocide, although genocide can be considered an effective means of ethnic cleansing. Both terms are often used to describe Israel’s actions.

Just to give the reader a sense of proportion relating to the approximately 700,000 Arabs displaced during Israel’s War of Independence, which turned out to be the Nakba for the Arabs, here is a very brief selection of the scores of cases of ethnic cleansing that happened in the last century alone.

Starting our abridged list, the Armenian Genocide, perpetrated by Turkey between 1915-1918, claimed the lives of between one million and one and a half million Armenians during forced marches, starvation and shootings.

Also involving Turkey, during this period were the two million Greek-Orthodox Christians and Muslim Turks, who were displaced following the Balkan Wars, World War I and the Turkish War of Independence between 1913-1923.

The Nazi Genocide needs no elaboration. Not just the Six Million Jews, but many more millions of people in the countries surrounding Germany were wantonly killed and permanently displaced.

Croats, Serbs, Bosnians have been waging genocide and ethnic cleansing against each other since the nineteen forties, during which hundreds of thousands of people have suffered every conceivable form of brutality and banishment.

The Soviet regime was responsible for the deportation and mass killings of tens of millions of people, within the Soviet Union and outside. Crimean Tatars, Kalmyks, Chechens and others have suffered. So have the Russians themselves, as well as people from every region within and around the borders of the former Soviet Union.

After World War II, 15 million ethnic Germans were expelled from Eastern Europe, following border revisions. Hundreds of thousands of Hungarians and Italians were thrown out of the countries of their birth.

When India won its independence from Britain, five million Hindus and Sikhs fled from what had become Pakistan into India, while over six million Muslims fled from what became India into Pakistan. Hundreds of thousands of unarmed civilians were killed during the upheaval.

During the Bangladesh War of Independence of 1971, millions of people, mainly Hindus, were killed or forced to flee the country to escape the violence and killings by the Pakistan Army with support from local political and religious militias.

Between 1974 and 1976 in Cyprus, Turkey forced the Greek population of the areas under Turkish military occupation – a third of the island’s Greek population – from their homes in the occupied North, preventing their return and settling in their homes Turks from the mainland.

In Cambodia during the nineteen seventies, the ruling Khmer Rouge government targeted ethnic Chinese, Vietnamese and Thais with terrible brutality, expulsion and mass killings. It is estimated that between 1.4 – 2.2 million people were killed and hundreds of thousands were displaced.

The Iraqi government under Saddam Hussein launched a campaign to erase the Kurdish population in Northern Iraq. Hundreds of thousands have been killed, two million were displaced. Hundreds of Kurdish towns and villages were bombed with poison gas.

About three million people were displaced during the ethnic upheavals in the Balkans during the nineteen nineties, that involved Croatians, Bosnians and Serbs inflicting terrible mayhem on each other.

In the Rwandan Genocide in 1994, about 900,000 Tutsis were slain by members of the Hutu tribe.

In Jammu and Kashmir, the Islamic insurgency has specifically targeted the Hindu minority and 400,000 have either been murdered or displaced.

Darfur in western Sudan has been the scene of terrible violence for the last few years, with the killings of hundreds of thousands of black Muslims by Arab Muslims. Two and a half million people have been forced to flee their homes after attacks by Sudanese troops and Janjaweed militia.

There were dozens of other cases involving Tamils and Muslims in Sri Lanka; Christians in Southern Sudan; Finns from Karelia; Arabs living in the Diffa region of Niger; Algeria’s independence from France led to the exodus of 900,000 people of European descent; more than two million Iraqis of various Muslim denominations and Christians have been displaced to neighboring countries; 360,00 Ethnic Turks left Bulgaria; Meskhetian Turks fled Uzbekistan; 600,000 people were displaced during the civil unrest in Kenya that erupted in December 2007 and thousands of people were killed.

This dreadful list represents a fraction of the cases of ethnic cleansing and genocide that have been committed during the last few generations. Most of these cases hardly ever reach the awareness of the general public. Apart from the Khmer Rouge, Rwanda, Myanmar, Chechniya, Bosnia and Kosovo, most of these cases don’t even reach the austere Security Council of the United Nations. And when they do, they are usually admonished by some of the member states and that’s about it. The sentinels of world peace all too busy focussing on Israel.

*   *   *

Any sober reading of the Arab-Israel conflict indicates unequivocally that “ethnic cleansing” of the Jewish people in Palestine was the aim of the leadership and the ordinary Arabs in the region. Ironically, Arab failure to do this is being reversed in their history books, which claim that it is the Jews who perpetrated ethnic cleansing and continue to do so. This distortion is regularly accepted and repeated in the media all over the world, including in the Western democracies. It’s claimed in many of the United Nations agencies and forums, universities, trade unions and many church organizations. This lie is becoming a more and more widely accepted throughout the world as a historical fact, further justifying the demonization of Israel.

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