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Israel is often accused of being an Apartheid state. It is even compared to Hitler’s Nazi regime. These accusations appear in the media all over the world – in the supposedly enlightened westernized countries as well as in the media of Israel’s adversaries and those supporting them.

A concise review of both systems and a few salient features about Israel’s society and government should cast both these accusations in their true light.

Under Nazism there was no freedom of expression and any divergence from Nazi rule often ended in immediate hanging or shooting without proper trial. Jews were stripped of their citizenship and forbidden to study or work with gentiles, and summarily thrown out of their homes, before being sent to labor or death camps. Territories of neighboring countries in Europe were annexed by Germany. Huge camps were set up all over Europe to house tens of thousands of slaves to work in factories under conditions that frequently led to their deaths. Whole populations within Germany and the rest of Europe were systematically killed, by shooting and gassing in special death camps. This, in a nutshell, was Nazism.

The Apartheid system in South Africa that existed until 1994 (the word apartheid means separateness in Afrikaans), was developed in order to give the Whites of South Africa maximum control over the non-White majority. The non-Europeans (non-Whites), comprising mainly native Africans, Indians and mixed-races, were segregated into special living areas, subject to drastic job reservation and any education open to them was grossly inferior to the education available to average whites. The penalty for sexual intimacy with Whites was death. Blacks were not even regarded as citizens of the country of which they had been the original inhabitants. Apart from education, medical care, most transport, places of leisure and entertainment were fully segregated. Even park benches were out of bounds to non-Europeans. Whatever services were open to non-Europeans, were always inferior.

In Apartheid-era South Africa, non-Europeans could be arrested for any misdemeanor – real or imagined – and thrown into prison, where severe beatings and torture, often fatal, were commonplace. An additional discriminatory practice was the total lack of franchise, which left them permanently at the mercy of the White minority. The end of this system came to an abrupt end when Blacks were given the franchise to vote. Because they constituted the majority in South Africa, they could elect a government and parliament which summarily abrogated all the draconian laws that had made South Africa an Apartheid country. Clearly Apartheid, as heinous as it was, was never nearly as dreadful as Nazism. But it was awful enough for a large part of the world to banish South Africa from almost every international forum, sporting and cultural event, until it completely discarded this system.

Let’s examine Israel in comparison with these two nefarious systems.

In Israel there is no prohibition against freedom of expression. Unlike with Nazism and Apartheid, all people living in Israel have the right to say what they want, wherever and however they want. The only restrictions are related to incitement to hatred or violence. Interestingly, Arabs in Israel (20% of entire population) and Arabs in Judea and Samaria (West Bank), make inflammatory and seditious expressions on a daily basis through the general media; they frequently stage protest demonstrations and are even joined by Jewish sympathizers; they have elected Arab parliamentarians who freely condemn any actions Israel takes in defending its population against Arab attacks. Often they break the laws of the land with their incitement to hatred and violence, yet the law is seldom brought to bear on them

In Nazism and Apartheid, capital punishment was regularly carried out, often without any trial. In Israel not even convicted terrorist mass murderers receive the death penalty. Israel’s jails accommodate scores of Arabs tried and convicted of mass killings through shooting or bombings. There is no death penalty for these terrorists and prison sentences are usually imposed only after full judicial process that includes proper legal representation (which is usually offered by very adept lawyers who make a good living defending Israel’s enemies – financed by local and international organizations). Furthermore, all these killers are entitled to study and many acquire university degrees while incarcerated.

It is true, however, that West Bank Arabs are frequently arrested and jailed, pending investigation, because of the continuous, serious security threats on Israel’s citizens. If these threats hadn’t existed in the first place, there would be no cause for these arrests. Also there would be no need for roadblocks and checkpoints in Judea and Samaria that often bedevil the lives of the local Arabs.

The Nazi system included concentration camps, used either as killing factories or slave labor camps. No such installations or procedures exist in Israel.

Under both these systems, education was either totally unavailable to the victims or offered in a highly restricted and inferior manner. In contrast, Israel’s Arabs have access to almost any government-funded education facility, including the universities. However, Israel can be validly accused of unequal funding to the various communities, whereby Arab schools regularly receive proportionally less funding. This arouses regular protests by Arabs and Jewish groups as well. This inequality of funding is due to bureacratic and political reasons and has little or nothing to do with racial antipathy. Also it is a far cry from Nazi or Apartheid procedures. If there is anything that can indicate the speciousness of accusing Israel of being a Nazi or Apartheid state, it is the easily verifiable fact that over 20% of the students at Israel’s universities are Arabs – a fair reflection of the Arab population in Israel. Interestingly, Israel universities are hotbeds of anti-Israel sentiment – demonstrations, propaganda material and even lectures abroad – by Arab students, post-graduates and even lecturers and professors. Another indication of the fallaciousness of Israel being a Nazi or Apartheid state is the presence of hundreds of Arab doctors in Israel’s hospitals – many are even heads of departments.

Under Nazism, execution was the immediate consequence for any Jew guilty of sexual intimacy with a non-Jew. A similar fate awaited any Black even suspected of sexual intimacy with a white person. However, while most people in Israel might not approve of sexual intimacy between Jews and Arabs, the very thought of a death penalty or any punishment, would be absolutely ridiculous.

An additional vital difference is the right to vote in local and national elections that is granted to all Israeli citizens, no matter who they are. This right gives the Arabs a voice and representation that is frequently more critical of Israel’s policies than Israel’s enemies. Often these criticisms are accompanied by fallacies and half-truths and can be seen as abuse of the political freedom offered to all citizens in Israel.

One last point showing the monumental absurdity in accusing Israel of being a Nazi or Apartheid state: Arabs in Israel have far more civil and human rights than their fellow-Arabs anywhere else in the Arab or Muslim world. So, among all the accusations leveled against Israel, the false charge that it is a Nazi or Apartheid state is the nastiest lie of all. And it does nothing to further the cause of peace, neither does it help the Arabs in Israel and its neighboring territories and countries.

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