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Excerpts from his book “How to avoid Armageddon”
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There is one group that promotes untruths about Israel that might arouse much surprise. It is Jews! Even Israelis! In past generations the most libelous statements against Jews were often made by other Jews who had left the fold, and who were eager to demonstrate their loyalty to their new-found identities and faith. There was always a number (probably a tiny minority) who deeply hated their erstwhile Jewish identity because it had been the reason for the discrimination they had suffered and hence the source of their misery. But nowadays, Jews aren’t discriminated against like they were in previous centuries – certainly not in Westernized countries where most of those Jews who aren’t Israelis, live. So one would think that there is no longer such a pressing impetus for Jewish self-hate or the need to vociferously disclaim their ethnic or religious roots like in the past.
Yet there are many Jews in the world, as well as in Israel itself, who make inflammatory accusations against Israel or instigate highly damaging actions. We are not referring to criticism of actual procedures by Israel against local Arabs, like house demolitions or detainment of Arab youngsters together with adults – controversial actions that are dismaying to any decent person, but which might be understood in the light of the ongoing terror war that is intermittently waged against Israel. We are referring to Jews in various parts of the world, and even in Israel itself, who publicly accuse Israel of all kinds of wrongdoing, while expressing half-truths and outright lies, even to the extent of evoking comparisons with Apartheid and Nazism. These accusations are far more damaging to Israel because other people naturally conclude that if Jews and Israelis say such terrible things about Israel, then what other people (Arabs and Muslims) say about them must be true.
Constructive criticism that is based on fact should always be acceptable, no matter by who, and it is understandable that many Jews in Israel and abroad are genuinely dismayed, disturbed, ashamed and angry when their television networks show scenes of devastation and dead Arabs – often children – whenever conflict erupts on Israel’s borders.
The trouble is that the pictures seldom provide the background to each scene of mayhem inflicted on Arabs by Israel’s armed forces. Images on the media seldom if ever remind viewers that for over three generations Arabs have been attacking Jews with the stated intention of killing ordinary civilians, including women and children. Television reports seldom mention that a mangled, smoldering car in Gaza, hit by Israeli helicopters, was being used by terrorists driving to their next rocket-firing position, aimed at hitting an Israeli town or village across the border. Pictures of dead Arab women and children never mention that terrorists were shooting at Israeli villages from the homes of these people, actually using them as human shields. So the shame that many Jews feel about Israel, is largely due to an incomplete, one-sided view that they have about the conflict. In a way, these Jews might warrant appreciation for being able to set aside their ethnic affiliation in the overriding interest of morality and support for the falsely perceived innocent underdog. Many of these Jews would probably be very relieved to learn that their attitude is the result of a distorted view and therefore unjustified.
* * *
Israel’s perceived villainy is the target of many non-Arab and non-Muslim organizations outside the U.N. In recent years members of university faculties all over the world have called to boycott Israeli universities, often automatically disqualifying papers written by Israeli scholars; church groups have called for divestment from Israeli companies; trade unions have called for sanctions and boycott; parliaments have prevented the exhibit of any cultural representations from Israel, while propaganda presentations by anti-Israel Arab groups have been shown.
Would all these good people calling for condemnation, sanctions and boycott of Israel and divestment from its companies and colleges, be as sure about their stand if they knew the background to the Arab-Israel conflict, if they learned the real facts, if they wondered what it is like to be constantly threatened with obliteration – a threat that now includes nuclear destruction? Would they still call Israel an Apartheid or Nazi state if they really knew what they are talking about?
Don’t they realize that they are blatantly employing double-standards against Israel. And surely they should know that double standards imply the purposeful ignoring of pertinent facts, which is a very close relative of lying.

To order the book click:  www.amazon.com  type: how to avoid Armageddon


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