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Excerpts from his book “How to avoid Armageddon”

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The Arab-Israel conflict has gone through a number of stages since it began during the first few decades of the twentieth century. During the generation before the establishment of the State of Israel (1948), the Arabs of Palestine were in a much more advantageous position. They were more numerous, better armed and usually regarded more favorably among the ruling British army and administration than were the Jews. When the 1947-49 Arab-Israel war broke out after the U.N. vote to partition Palestine, it was mainly the local Arabs with the help of volunteers from abroad, who did the fighting against the Jews. The surrounding Arab countries sent volunteers, but by and large they waited until the British evacuated Palestine in May 1948 before sending in their armies.

The rest of the world didn’t quite know what to make of the situation in which Jews were actually fighting against what seemed to be an incomparably formidable foe. After all, Jews had always been pale, plaintive, skinny or flabby and soft ghetto types, pretty shrewd when it came to making money, but not forthcoming in any physical encounter or brawl. Besides, they had gone meekly like sheep to the slaughter during the Nazi Holocaust just a few years earlier. There was even a little sympathy for them after what they had gone through, although a lot of people were rooting for the Arabs to win.

But the Arabs didn’t win, and Israel began to take on the semblance of a rather heroic, vibrant new state with sun-tanned farmers and builders, mechanics, carpenters and warrior philosophers and scientists, and the women also toted guns. Israel was seen with grudging admiration as a country that was turning the desert into bountiful farmland, and taking in and rehabilitating survivors from the purgatory that had been Europe. For the next twenty years or so these hard-working, rather gallant Jews kept winning battles and wars against the Arabs; wars that were fought against large countries with huge armies. It was David and Goliath. The little Jewish guy squaring off against the gang of neighborhood bullies, with the little guy winning every time. But in 1973 there was a different kind of war that almost spelled the death of Israel. In the end that too, resulted in success on the battlefield for Israel. Although Egypt claims that the victory was hers. What matters is that six years after that war Egypt and Israel signed a peace treaty.

But, although a frigid peace with Egypt has been maintained since then, and subsequently another peace agreement with Jordan, full peace with the Arab world has eluded Israel. While many Arab countries have continued preparing for war with Israel, in tandem with Islamic non-Arab Iran, Israel has continued to find itself embroiled in another kind of ongoing war. Not a war against countries and full-scale armies like before, but against smaller militant organizations, regarded by many people as freedom fighters.

Aided over the years by petro-dollars of the oil-producing Arab states and some of the Muslim states, these organizations have vowed to continue their struggle until Israel is made to disappear. Israel regards these organizations as terrorist groups because to a large extent, their targets are ordinary civilians going about their daily lives in towns, villages, fields and roads. These organizations have also attacked passenger planes and ships. They use knives, guns, rockets and explosives. They do not balk at killing children and even babies. And very often in the midst of their killing they shout out, “Allah hua Akbar,” which means God is great!

There are about twenty such groups, intent on bringing about Israel’s destruction, most notably Fatah, which is part of the Palestine Liberation Organization (P.L.O.), the negotiating partner for making peace with Israel, that was authorized by the U.S.A., Israel and the U.N. to govern the Palestinians. Other terrorist groups include Hamas, which overthrew the P.L.O. administration  in the Gaza Strip in 2007; Islamic Jihad; the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and the Al-Aksa Brigade. Also operating against Israel is the globally-involved El Kaida. Another dominant group is Hizbullah, which determines what happens in Lebanon. There are many other smaller groups, some veteran and more or less dormant and others that keep springing up and conducting an occasional shooting, rocketing or suicide bombing.

This line-up has constituted Israel’s main military adversary in the last generation. It is an adversary that is much harder to defeat than a regular army. Armies, despite their far more devastating firepower, are nevertheless more likely to call for a cease-fire, surrender or agree to withdraw in the face of defeat. Also, the whereabouts of enemy army units can usually be identified with less difficulty and eventually put out of action if a clever, well-executed assault is made.

But terrorists wage a completely different kind of war. Even those who fight as military units, using rockets, mortars, rifle fire and hand grenades and engaging in squad or platoon-sized frontal attacks or ambushes. Terrorists base themselves in the midst of their civilian populations. Armed with guns and rocket launchers, they mingle with non-combatant men, women and children. Their bases are schools, mosques, private homes as well as other public buildings and even hospitals. They have mastered the art of burrowing tunnels and quarrying connecting passages under houses, which they use to evade any invading force.

To reach them, an army needs to strike at the general population. It is almost impossible to hit a terrorist without putting civilians in harm’s way and causing devastation to buildings and public infrastructure.

This is part of the terrorists’ strategy in their war against Israel. They maim and kill Israeli citizens, using ever more new or upgraded tactics and the result is always the same – they terrify and demoralize the general population. Also, with every spate of terror, they know that Israel will eventually strike back. As amazing as this might seem to a democratic, westerner’s mind, these people make sure that when Israel does retaliate, ordinary Arab civilians – their own people – are placed in harm’s way, and the more the better.

The reasoning behind this callous attitude is that Israel will then immediately be pilloried throughout the world in the media, universities, parliaments and the United Nations. With each incident Israel becomes more isolated and weakened. It’s a strategy that has worked with great effectiveness. Over the years from the late nineteen sixties when terrorism against Israel got under way (see Chapter 2 – A pattern of murder and approval), international support for the Palestinian cause has steadily increased, while Israel has become regarded more and more as a pariah state, constantly losing more and more international support and commercial contacts. In many western countries, Israeli representatives in music, art, literature and sport are loudly jeered or blacklisted, unless they openly criticize Israeli military actions and settlement policies and side with the Palestinians. Another aim of terrorism is to undermine the morale of Israeli society.

These people harbor a spirit of deep, intractable hatred for the Jew, whom they have been taught since babyhood, perfidiously stole their land. So it is easy to enlist volunteers who are willing and even happy to die while attacking Jews. Interestingly, what the Arab countries failed to do on the battlefield, they hope to do through terrorism. And much of the world collaborates by trying to curtail Israel’s right to defend itself – even after terrorists have targeted their own cities in Europe and America.

(Continued at “Leading to Doomsday – 2:
https://truthandsurvival.wordpress.com/2011/02/25/leading-to-doomsday-%e2%80%93-2/ )

To order the book click: www.amazon.com  type: how to avoid Armageddon

See also www.israelandtruth.org


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