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Continued from: Media misinformation – 3

Politically-loaded words

create lying journalism


Excerpts from his book “How to avoid Armageddon”
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Many newspapers, TV and radio stations and other media outlets, at the outset, present inaccurate reports, through their choice of words. Either because of blatant bias or in conformity with Political Correctness (See Chapter10: The Correctness of Political Correctness). For example, Palestinians and other Muslims who kill civilian men, women and children in shooting or bombing attacks, whether suicidally-executed or not, are seldom called terrorists, but are referred to by all kinds of palliative synonyms. Also, the age-old names with biblical connections and Jewish connotations of “Judea” and “Samaria” have given way to the neutral-sounding name, “West Bank” or politically-loaded terms such as  “occupied territories” or “conquered territories.”

The term “occupied territories” is falsely used (twice over) because firstly, over 90% of the Arab population in these areas, including Gaza, have been governed by the Palestinian Authority or the Hamas Movement for years. Which means they are not really “occupied” anymore. This is clearly the situation in Gaza. Although many pundits claim that they are still occupied because of the blockade that Israel has imposed. The blockade is the consequence of the daily rocket and mortar attacks against Israeli towns and villages within Israel, and imposed in exactly the same way that throughout history, countries have blockaded each other’s harbors, airports and borders in time of conflict. Furthermore, Gaza is still completely governed by its own Hamas Movement, while the blockade is partial. Seldom mentioned in reports on the blockade are the 100 trucks bringing daily supplies of food, fuel, medical supplies and other essentials through Israel’s borders. The blockade has yet another dimension. For years, at least up to the time of writing, there has been a far stricter blockade on Gaza’s southern border with Egypt. But this blockade against the people of Gaza is seldom mentioned in the media. Interesting why not!

When the terms “occupied territories” or “conquered territories” are used to define Israel’s presence in Judea and Samaria, they stand in stark contrast to the term used in hundreds of other territorial disputes all over the world, which is “disputed territories.” Whether along the borders between China and its many neighboring countries, or over half the countries in South and Central America, or between Russia and its neighbors, or in dozens of other regions in Africa, Europe and the Middle East (that don’t involve Israel), it is interesting that only between Israel and the Arabs, the territories used to launch invasions with the intention of destroying Israel, and whose borders still have not been fully negotiated, are nevertheless called “occupied” or “conquered.” This terminology is used almost everywhere, whether in official U.N. source material, or almost any other reference material. It is almost universally used by the media.

In every situation, when someone is treated differently from the others, it’s a sign of prejudice. When people are related to differently, it’s a sign of bias. Do the purveyors of information realize this? Or is it simply a trend that has crept into their profession without them realizing it? When seen in the light of numerous international documents referring to the status of Judea and Samaria, the almost universal use of these loaded terms by the media is yet another aspect of truthfulness being compromised. And that implies a low standard of professionalism. This needn’t be, as there are countless truly brilliant people working in all branches of the media. 

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