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Israel’s bad luck


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At the outset, the timing of the Arab-Israel conflict has been most unfortunate for Israel, because nowadays conquest and occupation are regarded as totally unacceptable concepts by most people throughout the western, democratic world. And basically this is what Israel has done during its modern existence as a state – albeit to survive. But this is one of the reasons that Israel keeps facing international denunciation, condemnation and increasing isolation.

Until fairly recently, conquest and occupation of other people’s territories is what nations had been doing for thousands of years. This is how empires, once so fashionable and respectable, were built. The beginning of 20th century saw the great Turkish Ottoman Empire still ruling in most of the Middle East, while the British Empire had reached its zenith. Ruling lands stretching across the entire globe, Britain was envied by all the other European powers, many trying to enlarge their own colonies in far-off places. Imperial powers thought it was their God-given right to rule over the natives, no matter where.

But as the 20th century got under way, more and more people began to see imperialism as something to be condemned and stopped. Conquest, once a positive concept, gradually became a dirty word. Conquest was something that barbarians did. This became abundantly clear in the aftermath of the Second World War, by which time most empires were being dismantled. Even the mighty British Empire found itself relinquishing its rule in country after country.

Meanwhile, Russia and China – among the foremost supporters of other nations struggling to throw off the yoke of imperialism – were themselves energetically raising flags in other people’s countries: it was the flag of communism.

The communists, facing off against the Western democracies, headed by the U.S.A., were aided, often unwittingly, by good-hearted, caring folk in these countries, subscribing to a new world order of liberalism and progressiveness, and thinking it would engender liberty, fraternity, equal rights and prosperity for all and end capitalist imperialism. These people debunked many things that had exemplified the Old Order, such as the class system with the nobility and aristocracy lording it over the middle classes who lorded it over the lower classes, and the supposed racial superiority of lighter-skinned folk, no matter what class.

Universities and the media joined the fray, little realizing that while standing for necessary change in many spheres, they were nevertheless aiding the forces that stood for totalitarianism and ironically, much that brutally countered their own enlightened liberalism and anti-war sentiments.

And it was Israel’s bad luck that just at this time, during the second half of the twentieth century, that the Arab-Jewish conflict in the Middle East had escalated into a number of full-scale wars. For the first time in over eighteen hundred years, Jews were fighting as an army for the Land of Israel. While they were fortunate on the battlefield, by the second Arab-Israel war in 1967, it had become the least propitious of times for them in the arena of public goodwill and international relations.

Israel’s sin in the eyes of much of the world was that it waged war. Never mind that Israel fought these wars in order to survive serious threats to her very existence. Not only did Israel wage war, it commited an additional sin when it conquered territory.

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