Sobering truths about the future – part 1

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At least the truth about

sexuality has been revealed


Excerpts from his book “How to avoid Armageddon”

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In some ways people, at least in the developed, westernized countries, are more truthful than they have ever been – certainly in the last few hundred years. For instance, many of the old customs of politeness demanded numerous acts of hypocrisy. In genteel society, greetings needed to be accompanied by effusive smiles, hand-kissing and bowing, while never neglecting to ask with a show of deep concern about the health and welfare of other people’s families. Convention decreed that people engage in these mannerisms even if they loathed the person they were smiling at so effusively, or didn’t care a hoot about them or their families. Nowadays, gratifyingly, greeting others is scaled down to more honest levels of recognition. But a consequence of this laxness in manners has also led to a lack of respect for others. And this lack of respect has led to all manner of social problems. Like so many things in life, there is a need for appropriate proportionality and balance.
On sexual issues, mores have changed from chilly reserve and denial of sexuality, to a sea change in openness that has granted men and women a level of joy that previous generations probably never imagined existed, and also helped remove the devastating feelings of guilt and shame that the subject sex once so readily generated. Clearly there are many benefits to this newly-found openness about the sexuality of men and women. But the downside is all too obvious. Less respect for women, drastically more pregnancies among girls in their early teens, disease, perversion, molestation and rape are some of the consequences of this openness.
Another change is modern society’s attitude towards female intelligence and competence. Until two generations ago, women were generally regarded as being inferior to men in every sphere apart from domestic duties. This has been proven wrong over and over again, and while at the time of writing this book, equality and parity are still not fully accepted or implemented, giant strides have been made in recognizing that women can be just as smart, wise, technically-able, dependable and tough as men. More and more women attain executive positions. It was honesty that brought on this realization. People admitted a hidden truth. By being truthful to themselves a wonderful thing happened for humanity. It was also a parallel attitude towards people of different ethnic groups that has granted more equal rights to everyone in many parts of the world.
Regarding the lack of respect that came with the relaxation of manners, and the promiscuity and sexual violence that followed the removal of secrecy regarding male-female intimacy, a continuing honest approach on the part of society and the authorities can eventually put in place the framework and attitudes that will correct the abuses. It will take time but it can happen. (Continued part 2: )

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