Sobering truths about the future – part 2

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Continued from part 1:

Blame everything on the Jews


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While the main theme running throughout “How to Avoid Armageddon,” is the correlation between truthfulness and creating a good life for everyone while ensuring the survival of our planet, we have also devoted a lot of attention to the subject of Israel and its conflict with the neighboring peoples and how the rest of the world relates to this conflict.

“How to Avoid Armageddon” has shown how the conflict between diminutive Israel and the Arab nations, so much larger in size, wealth, assertiveness and favored with so many more allies and supporters, has featured so much untruthfulness in every one of its many forms.

Observing the course of history to the present day, it seems that whether as a divine marker or following some cryptic law of nature, people and nations have always shown the true nature of their morality by the way they related to Jews. The epithet “Wandering Jew,” was based in fact. For about eighteen hundred years following the great expulsion from the Land of Israel by the Romans, Jews wandered from place to place searching for freedom from oppression and a chance to lead their lives quietly while following their religion according to the teachings of their sages.

Most nations among whom the Jews lived, had periods when they lived in harmony with their fellow Jewish residents, as well as periods of extreme nastiness. Interestingly, during periods that cordial relations existed, life would usually be pretty good – by the standards of those days – for most of the people in the host countries. There would usually be more prosperity and culture would thrive. This was evident in Spain, France, Poland, Austria, Hungary and Germany. But then, anti-Semitism would stir. Sometimes it would be because of some bishop’s religious zeal; or jealousy of business rivals; or a means to rouse the rabble and take over leadership; or a way to deflect public dissatisfaction and blame for bungling leadership to the “shrewd, scheming Jews”; or even a way to get out of paying back loans to Jewish financiers. And once again Jewish communities would need to look for another place to get on with their lives – until the next royal or church edict or sudden eruption of mob violence. Usually, the flaring up of anti-Semitism would also presage a drop in the fortunes for everyone else. Whether oppression of the Jews was an indication of general egregiousness that would redound on everyone, or divinely imposed retribution for bad treatment of Jews, anti-Semitism often led to unhappy consequences for the general population.

It should be remembered that Jews were not the only oppressed, persecuted people in history. Other nations have experienced the brunt of persecution at the hands of people whenever nastiness prevailed. Some of the indigenous races of South and Central America were decimated by the Spanish, as were people inhabiting huge swaths of central Asia by the Mongols; a large part of Africa has been a killing field where people of different tribes keep slaughtering each other. Even in the USA, founded as a refuge for people escaping persecution, the Negro population was treated abominably in a way that must make every white man feel remorse for generations to come. Indeed, most of the countries in the world have had dark periods in their history, during which they oppressed or persecuted certain sections of their own population or other peoples, and which should be commemorated with days of atonement.

Actually, anti-Semitism, which can be defined as discrimination, prejudice or hostility toward Jews, is very much the same as the mean hostility that is often directed towards people who are different in any way or who are part of any minority or disadvantaged group, not necessarily based on ethnic bias. Against Jews it was easily aroused because of religion and other differences. Venturing into a mode of speculation, one might even muse that anti-Semitism could also have some connection to the unfathomable scheme of things in our world. But by and large, discrimination, whether based on anti-Semitism or other racial or socio-economic differences, is a very mundane thing, and persecution and slayings are easily prompted against all peoples and by all peoples. 
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