Sobering truths about the future – part 3

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Continued from Part 2:

The Jews and their place

in the world


Excerpts from his book “How to avoid Armageddon”

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Outside of Israel, the Jews had always been a noticeable minority. This could be one of the reasons for their long history of persecution, made all the more awful because they had always been helpless and at the mercy of the peoples among whom they lived – until the establishment of the State of Israel. It is of utmost importance to remember that whenever Jews (or any other minority) were persecuted or killed, it was invariably lies that got the situation started and evermore lies that kept it going. This pattern continues to this day. Indeed, Israel’s standing in the world reflects the scale of morality of each and every nation. This is clearly evident in the media of each country as well as the way they relate to Israel diplomatically and how they vote in the United Nations, where Israel is all too frequently, unfairly and exclusively in the dock – as we have shown throughout this book.

The establishment of the modern State of Israel was a unique event in the annals of history. No other nation had endured exile for as long as Israel, during which time it preserved its cultural identity and language, eventually returning to its ancient homeland. Even nations that never experienced exile have failed to preserve their cultural identity and language in the same way. This return to Zion by the Jewish people seems to tally with biblical prophesy written thousands of years ago. Furthermore, few nations have faced such enormous odds, contending constantly with adversaries bent on its destruction, and yet prevailed. Whether one views Israel favorably or dislikes or hates it, it is impossible to deny that there are many unique, extraordinary phenomena connected with its existence.

The Jews of Israel constitute a miniscule proportion of humanity – less than 0.1%. Yet in the various bodies of the United Nations Organization – the General Assembly, Security Council, Human Rights Council and other agencies – Israel is the target of more censure and condemnation than all the other countries put together. It would seem that Israel must be the most evil nation on the face of the earth, much worse than over a dozen others that in the present generation have caused the wanton erasure by fire and pillage of thousands of villages and the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people. Even in the more sophisticated circles, such as many colleges in North America and Europe, as well as human rights organizations, Israel is branded as a Nazi and Apartheid state. Israel faces all this grossly disproportionate opprobrium, in addition to deep, seemingly unappeasable Arab and Islamic enmity, due to perceived usurpation of Arab lands.

And yet there probably isn’t another nation on the face of the earth that yearns as deeply for peace as Israel. This might sound quite ridiculous, given that Israel is so frequently and negatively featured as an aggressor nation in the news, showing scenes of Arab cities devastated by Israel.

But we have dealt with the background of the ongoing Arab-Israel conflict, and challenge any thinking person to ask oneself if it makes any sense that a small nation numbering about six million Jews, should purposefully, for whatever reason, keep provoking and attacking Arabs in the region? After all, these Arabs are part of one of the largest and wealthiest nations in the world, with a population that is over fifty times larger, and who are furious with Israel because of the conflict. Of course it doesn’t make sense that tiny Israel should want to keep warring with the enormous, powerful Arab and Muslim world! In fact, Israel is so desperate for peace that on a number of occasions it has relinquished territories from which it had earlier been attacked and invaded a number of times – only to be again attacked from these same territories after withdrawing from them. But complete passiveness or compliance with demands for further truncation of the land or inundation of millions of hostile Arab refugees, in the face of constant threats, attacks and arms build-up would mean Israel’s quick demise. And no nation is willing to voluntarily end its existence simply because it might not be acceptable to some other nations. Incidentally, there aren’t many nations – if at all – whose very existence is violently threatened by other nations.

A vitally important question is: if more truthfulness had been employed by the leaders and news media of the region, could the ongoing Arab-Israel conflict have been avoided? When the conflict first emerged during the second decade of the last century, the Arab leadership in Palestine warned their people that they would lose their chance to attain independence; that the Jews were taking away their lands; that they were also going to take away their homes and jobs; that they were planning to take over the sacred Haram el-Sharif (Temple Mount) with the holy El-Aksa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock.

Some of these assertions might have been understandable in the light of the sudden large-scale influx of Jewish immigrants coming from Europe and surrounding Muslim countries. But these warnings were all based on assumptions, often raised as part of clan rivalries and power struggles among the Arabs. Jews were indeed buying land (which is not the same as taking it away). But most of the land being purchased was done so at more than the full current value from rich landlords, with additional compensation for the tenant farmers. Much of the land bought by the Jews was difficult to cultivate and malaria-infested. Also, instead of taking away jobs, the influx of Jews generated more jobs than ever before, even spurring considerable legal and illegal Arab immigration from surrounding countries. As for the fear that the Temple Mount would be taken over by the Jews, this place was actually off-limits to religious Jews because of its supreme sacredness. In addition to all this, were the wild, totally false claims on a number of occasions during the nineteen twenties, that hundreds of Arabs were being butchered by Jews.

Each questionable assertion, half-truth and blatant lie was spread by fiery orators that electrified the mobs into action. Jewish homes would be ransacked, and Jews unable to defend themselves – because the ruling British forbade the possession of firearms – would need to flee for their lives; often unarmed men, women and children were cornered and beaten, stabbed, hacked or shot to death by incensed Arab mobs. With each such wave of violence the Jews would step-up their ability to defend themselves, clandestinely acquiring arms, recruiting and training volunteers, and developing better fighting methods.
Continued on part 4:

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