Sobering truths about the future – part 5

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Continued from part 4:

Arab hostility has had a

bonding effect on Jews of



Excerpts from his book “How to avoid Armageddon”

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Can Arabs and Jews can live in harmony side-by-side or even together? In Israel there are a few cities with mixed populations of Arabs and Jews living next to each other as good neighbors. Jews, Muslims and Christians work and study together. Children play together. Sports clubs have members of all communities, training together, competing amicably against each other. There are friendships and business partnerships. The universities in Israel have no restrictions on Arab enrollment or career advancements for staff. All Israel’s hospitals treat Arabs with absolute equality. Arab doctors and nurses are always a significant part of the staff. In many cases Arab doctors head departments. While there are cases of racial antipathy in these mixed cities, the general situation is fairly tolerant neighborliness. On the few occasions that tension flares up it is invariably due to isolated cases of nationalistic-inspired hooliganism – by both Arab and Jewish youth – or provocative statements and actions of unscrupulous politicians or clergy. There are also cases of discrimination – usually due to unequal budget allocation as well as reluctance of some Jewish landlords to rent out homes to Arabs. These cases are usually met by indignant opposition by other Jews.

From personal experience I can say that friendship between Jews and Arabs, associating with each other on equal terms, can be most heart-warming, sincere and meaningful. Left to themselves, without interference by firebrand clerics and lying politicians there is a chance that good solutions to inter-racial strife could be found. Tragically, from the outset of this conflict it was the clerics, radicals and other unscrupulous public figures who, to a very large extent determined the course of events. Furthermore, outside interference has always made things much worse. For instance, the so-called Peace Process which started in Oslo in the early nineteen nineties, undoubtedly with wonderful intentions, has horribly deepened the rift between Jews and Arabs and for the time being at least, has seriously damaged the prospects of a peaceful resolution to the Arab-Israel conflict. 

*    *    *

The renaissance of modern Israel got under way towards the end of the nineteenth century after about nineteen hundred years of neglect and stagnation of the Land. Within four or five generations its population has grown rapidly with a diversity that represents a large range of ethnic groups from every continent. This diverse range of peoples is further divided by wide cultural, religious, political and ideological differences, compounded by huge gaps in the standards of living and education of various sectors of its society.

Jews from most of the Arab countries, as well as many of the non-Arab Muslim lands have come together with people hailing from every country in Europe and the Americas, as well as Ethiopia and southern Africa in addition to India and other lands in Asia and far-away Australia and New Zealand. The rich mosaic of Israel’s society represents much of humanity. Yet ironically, a large part of humanity is bent on its destruction. It’s like a body’s immune system gone haywire, bent on destroying part of itself.

Another ironic factor is that the deep enmity towards Israel is precisely what has enabled its diverse population to close ranks and become a fairly homogeneous nation. Possibly this ethnic amalgamation would not have been possible without Arab hostility and threats to Israel’s existence. It’s even possible that without Arab enmity Israel’s diverse society would have disintegrated a generation ago and failed to survive as a nation.

Despite the amazing achievements in setting up and maintaining a fairly affluent, modern state in the face of so many serious obstacles, Israel has allowed many difficult internal problems to weaken the caliber of its society. There is a significant erosion in the quality of its education system; corruption is frequently exposed at all levels of public service; Israel desperately needs a better system of governance; it needs once again a population that is willing to work hard and diligently for a common cause, with lower demands for personal convenience and wealth. These are all national attributes that are vital for its survival. (To be continued)

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