What are Israel’s chances of survival? – Part 1

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Excerpts from his book “How to avoid Armageddon”

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 Many people say that Judaism provides answers to all Israel’s problems. After all, religion has always been a major factor with the Jews, starting with Abraham’s smashing of his father’s idols in favor of monotheism, over 3,700 years ago. While today, most Israelis are not religiously observant, religion touches all their lives whether they like it or not. The Rabbinate in Israel, dominated completely by strict Orthodox Judaism – strenuously resisting any cooperation with Reform or Conservative Judaism – more or less controls the ceremonies and arrangements for marriage, divorce, conversion and death. Orthodox Judaism has a monopoly over Government funding for religious activities such as worship, schooling and other communal affairs, to the exclusion of Reform and Conservative congregations, whose rabbis aren’t granted rabbinic status and whose conversions are generally rejected. (In many Western countries many more Jews are affiliated to Reform and Conservative congregations than to Orthodox ones).

Orthodox Jewish religious practice in Israel emphasizes strict observance of the Sabbath and festivals, female modesty and the many dietary laws, while ethics and morality seem to be qualities that are taken for granted. So much so, that among the cases of corruption among high and low-ranking public officials in Israel, a fair share of them are religious people. Also, vitiating coalition politics have enabled the majority of men within the more pious elements of Israel’s religious community, the Haredim, to evade army service, while a large percentage of them live on government handouts – so as to maintain a lifestyle devoted mainly to prayer and study. This situation, coming at the expense of the general public, arouses the ire of the rest of the population. Thus Judaism provides yet another paradox in the existence of Israel. While it was religion that enabled the Jewish people to maintain their identity for thousands of years, it is religion that is now causing even more of a split in Israel.

Clearly, Israelis need to do a lot of candid soul-searching. Unless the country irons out the many kinks in its social, political and administrative frameworks, revamps its education system, and keeps secular-religious tensions in check, while promoting integrity, common decency and a sense of mission in its population, there is a possibility that Israel won’t last. The threats to her survival have never been more daunting. Syria is heavily armed with accurate rockets that can reach any part of Israel with conventional and chemical warheads. The large guerilla armies of Hamas and Hizbollah are well-trained and willing to die fighting, thus making them formidable adversaries on the battlefield. Their arsenal includes tens of thousands of rockets, some with accurate half-ton payloads that can reach any part of Israel’s small area, thus able to destroy its airfields, power stations and army bases. This threatens to render Israel indefensible against a sustained, coordinated missile attack! And very obtrusively in the background is a powerful, bellicose Iran supporting these enemies of Israel and developing the means to unleash nuclear destruction.

Yet another alarming development for Israel is the recent, high-profile shift of Muslim Turkey towards the camp of Islamic nations that are anti-Western. For many years Turkey, a powerful member of Nato, had been regarded as Israel’s ally in the eastern Mediterranean. But now the odds against Israel are even more heavily stacked.

On the diplomatic front, Israel has never been in a weaker situation. Pilloried and boycotted by a large part of the international community, it also faces the danger of radical Islam, making inroads in all the neighboring countries, presaging the possibility of regime take-over in Arab countries less hostile to Israel such as Egypt and Jordan, like there was in Iran in 1979. (“How to Avoid Armageddon” first appeared a few days before the sudden regime changes in the Middle East.) Should this happen Israel would most likely find herself in a totally desperate situation and quite possibly facing annihilation. However, the consequences before her demise – if this becomes imminent – could be an unleashing of her entire terrible arsenal – something no sane person wants to even think about.

And what would happen were Israel to fall? Clearly, this would not be a temperate process, but rather a genocidal bloodbath. Subsequently, chaos would probably reign in the Middle East, because yet another irony is the fact that beleaguered Israel has always been a somewhat stabilizing factor in the Middle East, forestalling Syria from taking over pro-Western Jordan and until recently, curbing its inroads within Lebanon. Israel has been the focus of radical Islamic elements such as Hamas and Hizbollah, which would otherwise have had an even more destabilizing influence in the region. Also, by destroying Iraq’s nuclear facilities in 1981, Israel stopped Iraq from taking control of most – if not all – the oil fields in the region. The U.S. with the backing of the U.N. or Nato, might have eventually confronted Iraq, but in doing so it would have needed to contend with a country, headed by a ruthless megalomaniac armed with nuclear weapons – which could possibly be the case with Iran, which is infinitely more dangerous than Saddam Hussein’s Iraq had ever been.

Furthermore, during the Cold War between the Free World and the Soviet Union that ended in the late nineteen eighties, Israel constituted a bulwark against further Communist encroachment in the Middle East. In the same way Israel is now a significant factor in the global struggle against Islamic Fundamentalism.

What people in the Free World don’t realize is that Israel is actually an outpost in the struggle to preserve their hard-won freedoms. People in the West don’t appreciate that there really is a Free World, of which they are lucky to be part of. For over two generations during the twentieth century, their freedom had been assailed by Communism and now faces what is probably a far graver danger – radical militant Jihadism. The forces that have threatened Israel since its modern renaissance are a similar brand to the forces that have vigorously begun to turn their sights on Europe, the entire American continent and the rest of the Free World. Judging by developments in these countries during the last decade, the extent of their resolve to maintain their many hard-won freedoms, seems questionable. (To be continued)

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