What are the chances of global survival?

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Much depends on our ability

to tell right from wrong


Excerpts from his book “How to avoid Armageddon”

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It’s going to take a lot more personal honesty on the part of all thinking people to perceive the dangers to their democratic way of life. Unless people everywhere are able to face the facts as they really are, humanity might not be able to avoid doomsday. Right now we are witnessing a repeat of the wishful thinking and dismissal of obvious dangers that existed in Europe during the nineteen thirties, when Hitler had begun his campaign to dominate half the world as mentioned in Chapter 16 of “How to Avoid Armageddon” – A basic requirement for clear thinking.

This pandering to falsehood reminds us of George Santayana’s aphorism: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” For a few decades now, the leaders and people of the Free World have been acting in a similar way to their parents and grandparents during the nineteen thirties. Only today, the threats to the physical well-being of the planet’s environment, and to personal freedom are far greater than ever before.

Too many people indulge in wishful thinking when they self-centeredly continue to lead a lifestyle that demands the rapacious exploitation of the earth’s natural resources and pollutes the entire eco-system, making a few token modifications in energy use or waste disposal that isn’t nearly enough; global demography needs urgent attention but little is done to address the issue. In Europe people maintain a birthrate that is less than one-fifth the number of Muslim babies in their countries, as though there is no chance they won’t become a minority in their own countries within a generation or two, and as though the growing number of predominantly Muslim neighborhoods in scores of European cities are calm, clean, safe centers of genteel culture, encouraging an appreciation of Chopin, Dickens and chess, rather than the hijab, total female subjugation and an end to the personal freedom enabled by the Western democracy of their host nations. It is probable that the majority of Muslims who have made their homes in Western democracies moved there, not as part of a planned campaign to spread Islam, but simply to find a better standard of living.

It just so happens that democracies, no matter the climate, or how sparsely endowed in natural resources, are always better places to live in than countries that are not real democracies – many of which are Islamic. But the huge, growing presence of Muslims in these democratic countries has given Islamic Fundamentalism a tremendous global lever that is becoming more potent with every passing day.Like people everywhere, Muslims by and large, are pretty decent folks. Like other religions, Islam’s teachings include honesty, compassion and devotion to the Almighty. There have been periods in the distant past when Muslims were in the forefront in the study and promotion of science, literature and philosophy. But every religion has many facets and Islam is no exception. Spreading rapidly throughout the world is a radically fundamentalistic, vigorously proselytizing facet of Islam that is deeply bigoted and contemptuous of all who do not share its dogmatic principles.

It is vitally important for all people to understand that Islam, whether fundamentalistic or not, aspires to world domination. Its fundamentalistic brand actively works to achieve this in stages. The official websites in English of Hamas, Hizbollah and other similar organizations make this abundantly clear. Islam promises rewards of Paradise to those who die in its name. Therefore its followers often act without caring about their personal safety, which makes them forceful, formidable and extremely daring activists and warriors for their faith. Islamic Fundamentalism is ruthlessly intolerant to any public display of affection by unmarried people or any other perceived lapses in morality, and practices a harsh, unforgiving, uncompromising justice, promptly jailing suspects or even amputating limbs and killing anyone deemed to have strayed. Women in this credo are chattels. Criticism is unacceptable. Freedom of expression is considered subversive and obscene. Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Jews and followers of other religions are to be subjugated – by war if necessary. It is a system that teaches that honesty and truthfulness can be suspended in order to gain an advantage over non-believing adversaries, giving it immediate advantages in any negotiation.

Islam is the fastest growing belief system in the world and is spreading throughout Europe, Africa and America. For the Fundamentalists, any method to achieve their aims is acceptable – including the mass killings of hundreds or thousands of innocent civilians in terrorist attacks. Even nuclear warfare is on the cards for these people. Nevertheless, till this time of writing, most Western leaders seem to downplay the dangers of Islamic Fundamentalism. Too many ordinary people think it doesn’t concern them – until a terrorist attack strikes close to home. This commentary on Islamic Fundamentalism is probably considered totally passé by many Western liberals, whose indulgence I implore because it is imperative that all people realize that this brand of Islam is a deeply illiberal global movement that threatens to engulf the world and destroy everything that is good, and which is total anathema to the basic principles of liberalism. Free World leaders have also allowed two states – North Korea and Iran, which have not hidden their tyrannical, expansionist agendas – to build up rocket systems and deadly arsenals of WMD, which they have done while breaking international agreements.

To America’s credit, as well as Britain’s and a number of other countries, they are indeed fighting difficult battles against terror groups in Afghanistan and Iraq. But it is a very limited, inadequate battle against a grave threat to humanity’s future, and it is left largely in the hands of too few valiant combatants. This minimalist policy might blow up in our faces.For a number of decades now, good people have hobbled themselves with a mindset that can’t tell right from wrong or refuses to see falsehood when it blatantly and repeatedly announces itself to them. Thus, while not relating adequately to pollution, alternative energy sources and other serious issues, and downplaying the global threat of Islamic Fundamentalism, they also adopt a distorted view of Israel as a rogue state, while discounting the grim fact that she is continuously fighting for her very survival against an implacable enemy that has mastered the art of deceptive propaganda.

To order “How to Avoid Armageddon”  click: www.amazon.com   type: how to avoid Armageddon


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