Things that people say about Jews – Part 2

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Part 2 in a 3-part series
continued from Part 1:

Even toddlers know the Jews

are apes and pigs


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Following the first part of this article, a number of people were indignant because the blog had dealt with a MEMRI video showing Arab clerics and scholars teaching hatred of the Jews to their followers. The use of the word “Nazis” in the heading was also questioned. The video clip has many appalling scenes that show Arab clerics teaching hatred of Jews on a scale that makes the ranting of Mein Kampf seem almost innocuous. However, my critics seemed to downplay the relevance of the promotion of hatred by Arab clerics; instead some  cited Arab grievances against Israel. It is a ploy that all Israel’s detractors use when confronted with something critical about Arabs. They downplay or ignore the criticism and focus on perceived wrongdoing by Israel. The fact that most of the anti-Israel and anti-Jewish rhetoric is based on outright lies, seems to have no importance for these critics either.

I want to reiterate that the reason for this commentary on MEMRI’s video and adding its link, is to inform people everywhere about the gross misrepresentation of Jews and Israel that has taken root in the Arab world and that is spreading. This is the pattern that Nazism followed. Only, today the lies and hatred is on a far greater level than anything Goebbels and company could have concocted. Gratifyingly, Israel today has the military might to stand up to another genocide. But make no mistake – it is genocide that the men of Allah who appear in MEMRI’s video, seek. One only has to listen to their words. 

In the first part of this blog, we mentioned the Passover blood libel, which is accepted as a fact by many people all over the Muslim world. A number of feature films have been made on the subject, which convincingly depict the Jews as ruthless, fanatic fiends. A scene of a young boy being kidnapped and dragged into a dungeon, where he is set upon by a number of sinister-looking Jew-types wearing skull-caps and sidelocks. Communicating with each other in gruff, growling voices, while speaking in deceptively gentle tones to the terrified boy, one of them suddenly slashes through the boy’s throat with a knife. A terrified scream and a lengthy scene showing blood pouring into a large basin, makes the point. The Jew is evil incarnate.

A recurring lesson: the Jews are also treacherous. The video shows a grandfatherly-looking Egyptian cleric Muhammed Sharaf el-Din presenting a lesson on Al Nas TV, Egypt. Speaking to a class of children aged between about 8-11, with charm and affection for his listeners, he tells them the story of a Jewish woman who invited the Prophet Muhammed to a meal in order to poison him. “She was shrewd,” he explains. “She said, that if he were truly a prophet he would know if the food was poisoned and then we would know that he is a prophet. But if his claim to be a prophet was false, he would die and we would be rid of him. She knew that the Prophet liked the right front leg of a lamb. She put poison inside and served it to him. He said ‘In the name of Allah’ as Muslims should say before eating and he cut off a piece of meat and was about to eat. But the lamb was resurrected and it said: Don’t eat me, I’m poisoned, oh Messenger of Allah’.”

Sharaf el-Din then turns to one little girl and asks kindly: “What did you learn for today’s show?”

Little girl: “I learned that the Jews are the people of treachery and betrayal.”

Sharaf el-Din (excitedly): “Allah Akbar. (God is great) Indeed, the Jews are the people of treachery and betrayal … This is the most beautiful thing I ever heard – that the Jews are the people of treachery, betrayal and vileness.”

Wonderful stuff for a children’s program! Obviously by certain Islamic standards.

*    *    *

Another children’s program on Saudi Arabia’s Iqra TV channel presents a cute little girl of about three or four years old. An interviewer (hidden from the camera) asks: “Do you know the Jews?”

Little girl (somewhat bashful): “Yes.”

“Do you like them?”


“Why don’t you like them?”

“They are apes and pigs.” (The little girl’s face lights up somewhat as though she is looking for approval.)

Interviewer repeats: “Because they are apes and pigs? Who said that about them?”

“Our Lord.”

“Where did he say that about them?”

“In the Koran.”

“That’s right!” says the interviewer approvingly. The child was probably well coached to say what was expected of her. Clearly she’s too small to know what she’s saying. And anyway, living in Saudi Arabia, she’s probably never seen a Jew in her life. But her innocent performance is dynamite for all the little children watching. 

Such a scene would be totally impossible in any Western country. If some TV company, government or private, put something similar on the air, it would be summarily removed and a stiff penalty and possibly lengthy jail sentence would be imposed on its producers. But maybe, we shouldn’t have written all this because after all, it probably offends the sensibilities of many good Western folks who consider themselves Liberals. Political correctness be damned!

*    *    *

A more jocular scene is taken from Lebanon’s Al Jadid TV station. A former Minister in the Lebanon Government, Wiam Wahab is chatting about the World Soccer Cup. The interviewer asks: “Who do you support in the World Cup?”

Wahab: “Brazil.”

Interviewer: “Yes, my children and I do too.”

Wahab: “But Brazil lost. My wife supports Germany.”

The former minister smiles and says: “I support Germany in politics and Brazil in soccer.” Then he throws out this gem. “I like the way Brazil plays, (chuckles) and I like the Germans because they hate the Jews and they burned them.” Good-natured laughter by both men – it’s all good, clean fun.

*    *    *

Far less jocular, is a clip showing one of the most eminent scholars in the Muslim world, Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who frequently appears on el-Jazeera, where his programs are said to have over 40 million viewers!!! Here is an example of this enormously revered man’s thinking: “Throughout history Allah has imposed people upon the Jews, who would punish them for their corruption. The last punishment was carried out by Hitler. By means of all the things he did to them, even though they exaggerated this issue, he managed to put them in their place. This was divine punishment for them. Allah willing, the next time will be at the hand of the believers (the Muslims). Continued part 3: <a

To see MEMRI’s video, click:

To order “How to Avoid Armageddon,” click:   type: how to avoid Armageddon


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