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Author of “How to Avoid Armageddon”

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Many people all over the world see Israel as a racist, war-mongering, imperialistic country that keeps killing innocent people, and refuses to make peace with its neighboring countries. In the United Nations, Israel has been condemned more often than all the other nations put together. But how justified is Israel’s awful reputation? How much is it based on real facts and fairness?

After all, how can it be that one of the smallest countries in the world – yes, that’s Israel – would keep challenging the enormous Arab world that has a population 50 times larger and which possesses a major share of the world’s oil reserves, as well as active support from the rest of the over billion-strong Muslim world? Surely that doesn’t make sense. In fact one would expect that Israel would do whatever it can in order to live in peace with all the other nations in the Middle East.

And actually, despite all the bad things said about Israel, this is exactly what it has tried to do since it declared its independence in 1948. Many people seem to forget that Israel has repeatedly given up territories … from which it had been attacked and even invaded in the past – only to be attacked from these same territories again. Sinai with its oil fields and strategic depth had been returned to Egypt on three separate occasions before finally making peace, which incidentally today is more unstable than ever before. The Gaza Strip, southern Lebanon and most of the West Bank have all been relinquished by Israel, only to be attacked from these places all over again.

Every time that Israel defends itself, which is what nations normally do when attacked, often retaliating only after diplomacy fails, it is Israel that is blamed, censured and condemned in every international arena, while the real instigators, whether they are the armies of neighboring countries or terrorist militias, might face some censure from a few world leaders, politicians and thinkers – at least those blessed with genuine integrity. Israel is frequently and indignantly admonished by public figures and ordinary citizens all over the western world, joining the angry pressure from Arab and Muslim countries, many of which strive determinedly for an end to the Jewish state. Even though throughout history, in war it is the winning side that has always kept territory it conquered or determined what should be done with it, especially in wars of defense, as is the case with Israel. But people either don’t know this or choose to ignore it when they call for boycotts and sanctions against Israel in its lonely, desperate struggle simply to exist. And they don’t seem to care that relinquishing all these territories will almost certainly make Israel practically impossible to defend.

It seems that there are a lot of double standards involved in the way people relate to Israel. And bear in mind that double standards imply bias, hypocrisy and the purposeful ignoring of pertinent facts – in short … dishonesty! Which begs the question: is that what impels much of the media when censuring Israel, while downplaying or even ignoring the frequent attacks on it by Arab militants? Are boycotts, sanctions and divestment yet another expression of shameless dishonesty? Is it dishonesty and perfidy that moves some western governments to condemn Israel like a criminal entity whenever it defends itself?

If it’s not dishonesty then it’s ignorance of the real situation in the Middle East. And people who have something to say about the Arab-Israel conflict, whether they live in Israel or in the neighboring Arab countries, or elsewhere, should consider whether they really know what they are talking about. And then to question their integrity. Quite possibly they will find that they are actually spreading lies or pandering to falsehood or indeed supporting evil. And thereby they prevent any resolution the conflict.

And it is this same insular approach towards Israel – stemming from ignorance or bias – that portends a very unhappy future for this planet. It shows that humanity on the whole doesn’t understand the meaning of truthfulness. And accordingly, we won’t be able to cope with all the other serious, pressing existential threats and challenges to our planet. Because of the cynical promotion of half-truths and lies used by various interested parties, combined with public gullibility or indifference, pollution is not being adequately addressed; neither are poverty and other global demographic issues; militant Jihad is making dangerous inroads everywhere – to mention just a few of the issues that mankind must address sensibly and promptly.

For this to happen, humanity needs to learn how to face facts honestly. People everywhere need to learn the meaning of truthfulness and its vital importance. People need to be able to discern falsehood. These are not easy lessons, but they must be learned in order to ensure a decent future for all people everywhere. These are probably the most important lessons for each and every one of us and can be found in the book, “How to Avoid Armageddon,” which is available through Amazon or from the publisher Old Line Publishing or you can ask at book stores.

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