Even Israel’s strongest advocates do it …

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Qualifying advocacy and

support with a caveat

The following article by Merten Harney is a powerful caveat … about a common caveat. Slightly amended, the article appearing on the website of Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors (August 25, 2011), deals with the common tendency among many people who write in support of Israel in its stand against demonic odds, to nevertheless mention that Israel is far from perfect – supposedly to display objectivity. In this article one of Israel’s greatest and most powerful advocates, Alan Dershowitz is used as an example. We reckon that a comprehensive thinker like Mr Dershowitz will see this article in a positive light.

Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors was started by Doris Wise Montrose a few years ago, with the aim of promoting the promotion of Western democratic values, so as to combat the dual threats of complacency in the West vis a vis political Islam. Doris Wise Montrose says that a safe and secure Israel, prospering as a Jewish State, is a prerequisite to long-term global peace, adding that the Nazi Holocaust imposes upon all people of good will a moral and political imperative to prevent the next one. Merten Harney’s (slightly amended) article, which we present here, puts things very much in perspective – something sorely lacking with many people who focus on Israel.

Enough already Alan


Alan Dershowitz has just penned a very good editorial titled “Should Israel Welcome Glenn Beck’s Support?”  He comes down in favor of Beck’s mission to Israel and his unwavering support for her. Israel needs allies and friends more than ever and if Beck, with millions watching him, can deliver his message of “Count me a Jew” we should be ever thankful. 

Further on in his article however, Dershowitz makes a glaring … admission. In his praise for Israel, he slips in the caveat, “just as I feel free to criticize the Israeli government when I think it is wrong.” Dershowitz, like so many others who stand with Israel, just can’t seem to help entwining his praise with a critique. 

But, why is this the case? It is an obvious thought, but completely misplaced in this setting. Israel is the only liberal democracy in the Middle East, the only nation in that area of the world where women are granted equal rights with men, where Christians and Jews are granted equal rights with Muslims, where gays need not fear for their lives. Is Israel perfect?  Of course not – no nation is perfect. It is so obvious a point that by bringing up Israel’s imperfections – which are considerably less than those of most nations, one weakens the very point they are trying to make in Israel’s defense. 

I would beg Alan Dershowitz, and others, to stop this ridiculous pandering that plays into the hands of those who want to destroy Israel. Does it make one feel good to admit that they find fault with loved ones? “I love my daughter, but I won’t shy away from exposing her faults …”  That is what this caveat means. Israel’s worst faults are better than most countries best qualities. That is a fact. Israel on a bad day is better than almost any other country on their best day. Again, this is a fact. So, why the self-flagellation? Instead of fortifying Israel, it calls attention to Israel’s true enemies and it seems there are more and more each day. Such wavering from Israel’s defenders only serves to legitimize these zealots and their hate-filled diatribes. 

If we love and support Israel, we must say so. We should declare it without caveats. Don’t hedge your bets and don’t apologize for your support of Israel. Don’t throw Israel’s suicidal enemies a bone, they don’t need it. Israel needs people to stand up and say, “I support Israel; Israel is a great nation; the Jewish people have given the world a great gift.”  And save your “buts” and admonitions for those that truly deserve them.


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