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I received an e-mail from Emma Ruby-Sachs of the organization Avaaz. An interesting name – Ruby-Sachs, indicating Jewish roots and sentiments towards the oppressed and downtrodden. But like so many nice Jewish people she’s clearly got a very filtered view of the world. In her letter she wrote:

The Palestinian bid for recognition is down to the wire – and if we join forces in the next 72 hours we could get the crucial EU leadership needed to push it through.

Right now three key countries — France, the UK and Germany – are still wavering under pressure from nay-sayers who are trying to crush this new opportunity for freedom. To flip them we’re planning a spectacular delivery of our 900,000 strong petition with a gigantic 300 sq m Palestinian flag right outside the EU Council meeting. We also need to run three urgent public opinion polls that clearly show these leaders that their people support recognition, and flood the media with full page ads.

We can grab the attention of these leaders, show them a massive public mandate to act and hammer home a message of hope for the Palestinian people. We may not get this chance again – if 10,000 of us make a small donation now, we can rush funds into the powerful public actions we need at this critical moment.

Recognition of Palestine could open up a new avenue for peace in the region, and give the Palestinian people the support they need for protection under international law. And this support could not come soon enough: a far-right government in Israel is expanding settlement building in the West Bank, and obstructing the possibilities for a viable two-state solution – a solution supported by the majority of citizens in Israel and Palestine.

More than a hundred and twenty countries have already pledged to support Palestinian statehood, but getting key EU countries on board now is crucial to give this bid the backbone and global legitimacy it needs. Public pressure pushed Spain to pledge its support for statehood. Public opinion polls that show that the majority of citizens want their leaders to support the bid and a stunning media-grabbing stunt at the heart of decision-making could shift the three decisive countries: UK, Germany and France.

It’s countdown time. Our actions in the next few days could flip leaders from a collision course to a decision that would usher in an era of freedom and rescue a path to a negotiated settlement. Just a small donation today will make a difference.

Over 900,000 of us have already lent our voice to this hopeful call for self-determination and peace. Catapulting that call to key EU leaders, news media and the UN meeting itself is the vital next step. Together, we can drown out the fear and intolerance with a global call for non-violence, diplomacy and recognition for Palestine.

With hope,
Emma, Alice, Antonia, Ricken, Benjamin, Pascal, Diego and the whole Avaaz team

These are stirring words. But they indicate the need for all well-meaning people to ask a few questions. I posed them here to Ms. Ruby-Sachs.

Dear Emma,

I applaud your concern for the downtrodden. But do you really know what you’re talking about? Sorry for the abrupt question. But do you know that Palestine is divided geographically between Gaza (ruled exclusively and ruthlessly by the explosively and zenophobically militant Islamist Hamas movement), while Judea and Samaria is ruled by the Fatah movement in the guise of the PLO, and which will almost certainly lose to the Hamas, once Israel evacuates completely — assuming the Arabs of the area will be so unfortunate. (Israel had withdrawn most of its armed forces from most of Judea and Samaria following the Oslo Peace Accords, only to face thousands of terrorist attacks coming from the evacuated areas.)

A question of immense importance is: Do you know how Israel got to be in the West Bank (Judea and Samaria) and Gaza (the latter it has completely evacuated in the cause of peace, to which Hamas responded by launching thousands of rockets into all Israel’s southern cities across the border)? 

And do you know who really prevented the establishment of an independent Arab state in Judea in 1948 — according to the United Nations Partition Resolution? It was Jordan which simply usurped the territory. 

I am sure you must know that Palestine used to be a fairly large country and that 77% of it had been cut off in 1922 by the British Mandate authorities in order to create out of this part of Palestine a purely Arab state, Transjordan, which subsequently became the Kingdom of Jordan! You knew that of course? 

These are just a tiny fraction of the relevant questions that should be asked before rushing off to push for the creation an independent state of Palestine, which can only bode very ill for the Arabs in the region and probably the rest of the world.  

By the way, as a good person, concerned about helping the downtrodden, I reckon that you are also working for China’s return of Tibet for the Tibetians; Turkey’s return of Northern Cyprus to Cyprus; Russia’s return of Karelia to Finland – to mention just a few of the nefarious take-overs of other people’s territory. If not, why only Judea and Samaria? After all, the Arabs aim is to annihilate the Jewish state and its citizens. So many of the leaders and the ordinary people keep making this abundantly clear; the Arabs whose population is 50 times larger than the tiny Jewish state of Israel and who have the second largest land mass in the world, larger than the USA, Canada or China – an area 500 times larger than Israel. So, why the determination to join in the quest to annihilate the Jewish state by truncating it even further and preventing free military build-up across its borders? Actually, I’ll rephrase that question – why not pity the Arabs of the region? By that I mean that the Arabs living in Israel because they most certainly have more rights and better prospects for a good life than the Arabs in any other Arab land on earth. And the Arabs of Judea, Samaria and Gaza would have very similar rights — if only they would stop attacking Israel. Indeed, they could have had their independent state years ago. All they needed to do is stop attacking Israel and let it be. Incidentally, if they have restrictions on their freedom of speech and suffer from government corruption, it is from their own leaders. 

I am pretty sure that you are an honorable person, so these questions should prompt some honest answers from you. If you don’t have educated, unbiased answers you are welcome to reply to my mail.

Respectfully and biased in favor of real peace,
Ralph Dobrin, Jerusalem


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