How can we avoid Doomsday

It’s the ultimate personal test 


Excerpts from his book “How to avoid Armageddon”

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The question of the hour is: can the perennial condemnation of Israel, constantly and desperately needing to defend herself against members of one of the largest and wealthiest nations in the world, really be based on honesty, sound factual knowledge of the issues involved and a genuine concern for the displaced Arabs of Palestine? Or is it mainly due to the uninterrupted demand for oil supplies and commercial ties, as well as old-fashioned racial antipathy that fuels the condemnation? In other words is it mainly a case of cynical hypocrisy, nurtured by falsehood?

The Arabs can be asked a number of parallel questions. Is their running battle with a smallish Jewish population dwelling in its ancestral homeland motivated by a totally truthful premise? Are the Jews really latter-day interlopers from Europe with little or no historical connection to this Land, who wantonly stole it from the peace-loving Palestinians, thereby causing the terrible Arab refugee problem? Or is their constant refusal to accept that the Jews have any historic rights to a small part of Palestine, due to deep intolerance and a deep thirst for revenge, anchored in narrowly selective religious texts? Can they not recognize that this unbridled enmity has brought upon themselves endless grief and social, cultural and economic stagnation? And have they questioned their culpability for their own plight in any significant way? Indeed, do they realize how much is fact in their understanding of their conflict with the Jews of Israel, and how much fantasy impels their attitudes?

*    *    *

Should Israel fall, it would open the way for an unleashing of the raging forces that oppose freedom of thought and equal rights for all regardless of gender, race or conviction. It would give these forces tremendous encouragement and confirm for them that their long quest to destroy the Jews of Israel had been honorable and virtuous; it would demonstrate that their prayers had been finally answered. Israel’s disappearance would allow these forces to focus their attention more fully beyond the Middle East. If this happens it is quite possible that nothing will stop them on their march to subjugate the minds of men and women everywhere – nothing except God Almighty Himself, assuming that this unfathomable Logos is not simply a mere metaphor for all that is inexplicable in the world.

Can it be that Israel’s survival or demise will likely signify whether humanity is about to enter a wholesome, happy age with optimum personal liberty, health and prosperity for more and more people, or an unprecedentedly awful dark age evoking images of Armageddon? Whether seen as a theological issue or a purely pragmatic question, it seems likely that the enormous welter of falsehood in all its different forms, constantly employed by much of humanity in its focus on Israel’s struggle for existence, shows that we might not have the capacity to cope with all the other current existential challenges in our planet, such as pollution, climate change, demographic imperatives and warmongering of misanthropic tyrants.

It’s as though humanity is being tested, perhaps by divine purpose, to see whether we deserve the inestimably priceless right that entails being part of life. Or maybe, the test is merely a mundane imperative, as part of a survival of the fittest paradigm. Either way, whatever course humanity takes at this time, regarding the many global issues, will determine whether we continue existing as a species, or conversely, whether we go the way of the dinosaur and the dodo, and perhaps drag with us every other living thing on earth. The key to whether we pass this test is Israel’s fate. Realizing what’s at stake should bring us all to our senses. All that’s needed is a lot more truthfulness by everyone. And the time for reaching this step in our evolution is right now!

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